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500mg Sativa CBD Tinctures (Hooti Extracts)


500mg Sativa CBD Tinctures by Hooti Extracts contains only broad-spectrum CBD extract, premium MCT oil, and natural fruit flavourings.



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500mg Sativa CBD Tinctures by Hooti Extracts contains only broad-spectrum CBD extract, premium MCT oil and natural fruit flavourings. Hooti Extracts CBD tinctures is an artisan, broad-spectrum approach to medicating with CBD. Experience the full benefits of cannabis without any psychoactivity.

Each 30ml tincture contains 500mg of CBD with a 1ml dropper

Administer sublingually with an included dropper for best results.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, Natural Flavouring

Select from the following flavours:

  • Ginger Lime
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Mango

5 reviews for 500mg Sativa CBD Tinctures (Hooti Extracts)

  1. Sativasisters

    Very effective, strawberry taste helps mask the taste. Amazing for inflammation

  2. tlynka87

    nothing wrong with it , tastes fine

  3. gazelle612

    Contrôle de la douleur arthritique efficace. 4 étoiles en lien avec la saveur mangue (méchant) et bleuet (meilleur). La concentration qui n’est pas suffisante (500mg/30ml). Je préfère utiliser 1000mg ou plus.

  4. chris.o.semrik

    I bought the blueberry one and love it. Originally I wanted to buy an unflavoured one but those weren’t in stock at the time so I went with this one, and I’m very happy that I did. It’s smooth and while the taste isn’t exactly a delicacy, I found it pleasant enough. It’s a great way to take CBD.


    Great pain reliever and Anti inflammatory. Tastes like crap even though it is softened by the different natural flavorings which is appreciated. Great price.

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