Black Tuna

THC 18-20%CBD 0-1%

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Hailing from the land of fantastic forests and captivating coastlines, Black Tuna is an evenly balanced BC Bud. This strain is as whimsical as weed gets! Heavily sedating in the best way, it’ll put even the most stubborn insomniac to sleep.


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Black Tuna Strain Information

Unlike its name may imply, this Black Tuna strain does not taste like ocean fish! Instead, it received its name from the Black Tuna Gang that used to smuggle Colombian cannabis into the United States in the 1970s using tuna cans. However, its colourful back story isn’t the only unique thing about this strain! Its parent strains are Lamb’s Bread and Herijuana. With these genetics, it’s going to be a potent, evenly balanced Canadian hybrid strain that is perfect for combatting chronic pain and insomnia.


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The flowers of Black Tuna are compact, covered in stunning trichomes. This strain’s flowers are a rich sage green with shades of darker green and hints of purple weed. This balanced Indica vs Sativa hybrid is noticeably funky, spicy and pungent. Don’t worry, this Black Tuna Strain doesn’t smell like rotten tuna fish! And the spicy flavour of the smoke tends to balance this out. Trust us. These buds are well worth a try!

Black Tuna is also loved for its creative marketing approach. You can still find some products packaged in the signature tuna cans! Due to its sedating properties, the effects are often described as narcotic. So, it may not be the best choice for beginners or even some intermediate blazers. The high will first present as easy going but evolves into a powerful, loopy experience.

First, you’ll feel uplifted and euphoric before the powerful, relaxing body effects set in. We hope you like your couch because you will soon become inseparable from it. Black Tuna will make it difficult to keep your eyes open or even steady. With cerebral effects that will come and go like waves, sometimes lasting hours. This strain is best suited for nighttime use. After work or before hitting the sheets is best, its sedating effects will have you sleeping in no time. With its powerful body high and relaxing nature, this is an ideal medical strain. It excels at treating multiple medical symptoms, including insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation.

Users also report increased hunger, making it excellent for combatting stimulating appetite. With its uplifting, euphoric effects, Black Tuna can also treat mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.


Black Tuna Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Loss of Appetite

94 reviews for Black Tuna

  1. Zachary

    Black tuna, what a great strain. It’s a personal favorite of mine, nothing mellow about it, comes with a long lasting heavy buzz.

  2. breacee

    My absolute favourite strain, it makes you feel so good and happy, the buds are gorgeous

  3. greycloud

    Strong potent high!! The taste is average but the high is 5 stars

  4. BBZEN

    At the beginning, I noticed ‘rotten’ smell with this strain. Really weird to smoke this, but it was definitely a pretty good vibe !

  5. Lukeakacobra

    Classic go to for good quality bud

  6. jkaztak

    Decent smell, taste was ok. Nothing crazy about the high.

    Reminds me of the weed i was smoking in high school

  7. tdg420

    Great looking buds, sticky too and smoke great and a great indica high loving this ?

  8. upowlnightt

    I was honestly so pleased with this order! Looks amazing, smells amazing… and that taste is incredible! Will definitely be ordering more of this! I think I found a new favourite!

  9. NickfromNL

    One of my favorite strains. The buds are a nice green color, dense, and are loaded with crystal. The high is awesome! great to smoke before bed.

  10. NateRudd

    Could be better but it’s still amazing! Love the high

  11. James

    I like this more than Tuna. Reminds me of Lambs breed before it changed to Tuna!

  12. ultrahashgod420

    Dank, buds covered in crystals

  13. patwaugh

    its a really good representation of the strain. Not the best I had, but good.

  14. James

    It’s still awesome but I personal think Lambs bread was the bomb till the damn black market started to cross it so more could hold in can!

  15. Brandon4415

    Great strain, amazing smell amd tastes. Buds are also really nice bright green lots of crystal best tuna I’ve smoked !!

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