Blue Afghani

THC 19-21%CBD 0-1%

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This dank bud boasts THC levels ranging from 19-21%, providing the best that indica effects have to offer. Get ready for absolute relaxation as your body is rid of all traces of soreness, pain and stress. In its place, only chill vibes, good times, and no more sleepless nights!


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Blue Afghani Strain Information

The origin story of this iconic indica-dominant hybrid is not 100% confirmed. However, the running theory is that its genetics results from pairing legendary Blueberry strain with the indica landrace strain Afghan kush. With parents like that, we couldn’t expect anything less than greatness! This dank bud boasts THC levels ranging from 15-19%, providing the best that indica effects have to offer. Get ready for absolute relaxation as your body is rid of all traces of soreness, pain and stress. In its place, only chill vibes, good times, and no more sleepless nights!


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

While the name may imply blue or purple buds, the flowers of Blue Afghani are actually quite green. The nugs are tight and dense with often a bright neon green colouring and stunning gold undertones. The flowers are further beautified by burnt orange hairs and a large accumulation of off-white trichomes.


The flowers of Blue Afghani give off sweet and spicy scents with hints of earthy blueberries and spicy herbs. It also has just the tiniest hint of vanilla. Blue Afghani combines its parent strains’ best traits by emitting an aroma that seems like something straight out of a bakery. And it tastes just as good as it smells! Blue Afghani smoke’s flavour is that of sweet blueberries with a kick of spicy herbal tea to provide a unique and distinct flavour. Trust us. It’s a taste you will remember long after the smoke clears.


The distinguishing feature of Blue Afghani is that it is 70% indica. However, while it still produces those righteous indica effects, it’s not as overwhelming as other strains. This hybrid is ideal for a night in of chilling in front of the TV or binging your favourite movies. The onset of a Blue Afghani high is euphoric. It will send a calming and warm sensation throughout the body. Users will likely also experience a slight tingling sensation spreading from the back of their head down through the back. It’s pins and needles in the best possible way!


The feeling quickly extends to your chest and limbs. Eventually, the Blue Afghani effects will encompass you fully in a warm and inviting bear hug, creating a blissful state of comfort and relaxation. When this strain is taken in higher doses, this relaxation will transform into a seductive sleepy feeling that will have you ‘resting your eyes,’ only to find out that you woke up the next morning!


The only thing that might keep you from dozing off is a rabid case of the munchies. It’s the only source powerful enough to unlock you from the warm embrace of the couch!


The sedation resulting from higher doses makes this indica-dominant hybrid excellent for treating insomnia. The appetite-stimulating effects are also great for those who battle with a lack of hunger. On top of that, many users say that Blue Afghani is fantastic for alleviating nausea. This strain’s relaxing properties make it excellent for treating symptoms such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Blue Afghani Medical Benefits

Pain, Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Nausea, Appetite Loss

36 reviews for Blue Afghani

  1. estee-63

    It was a good feeling just for night time and best sleep

  2. eastcoastparvati

    I am not normally a fan of Indica’s. Mainly because they make me very lazy. I have recently been suffering with Insomnia and chose this strain on a whim. And I am so pleased that I did.

  3. georgesryan23

    Supper nice taste, highly recommend it.

  4. Tupaki420

    Decent bud, smokes well and provides a great high. Has a bit of a skunk smell.

  5. Cmann8

    Super smelly, but good results

  6. muckdrillblast

    mint ??

  7. elvik.ratnayake

    I like it. The flavor is subtle but nice a hint of fruit. Smoke is smooth, not harsh at all. No couch lock but very good at getting you ready for bed. Would stick to evening use. Dont let the moderate THC levels fool you 2 dynavap bowls and i was toasted possibly my favorite indica thus far.

  8. Bitsidia


  9. koidhis19


  10. Justin

    Nice strain, made me a little too lazy. I abandoned chores for cartoons.

  11. crystal-roses

    Wonderful strain! Perfect for the evening, a nice prep before bedtime! Potent and strong!

  12. vansadan

    Very Tasty and Potent.

  13. lynth31

    Will be coming to get some back!!
    Best place to shop!!

  14. md.rossignol

    One of my very favorite strains from HA. I order it every time it goes on sale. Great buzz and awesome flavor.

  15. cihlverteslacoil


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