Bubba Kush

THC 21-23%CBD 0-1%

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Coming at you from the Golden State, Bubba Kush is a famous indica strain for good reason! Its flavours are as sweet as its effects! With relaxing properties and uplifting euphoria, this strain has something for everyone!


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Bubba Kush Strain Information

A famous indica-dominant strain, Bubba Kush is a legend for a reason. While its genetics remain somewhat unknown, the original LA breeder claims that one parent is the OG Kush plant. The other rumored to be a lineage of Northern Lights brought back from Mardis Gras in New Orleans.

The unnamed mother strain was thus dubbed “Bubba.” Who doesn’t love a good party story, especially when we get to reap the benefits! This classic Indica comes with a delicious flavour and body high. If you’re looking to feel your worries drift away like a soothing spring breeze, Bubba Kush is for you.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Bubba Kush has a unique and beautiful look. It has small to medium-sized buds that are packed together. The thick leaves and flowers range from dark green to deep purple and black. Bubba Kush is also resinous. It has a thick coating of glorious white trichomes that coat its colourful leaves. They’re even visible when the buds are split open! This feature makes the buds of Bubba Kush incredibly sticky. But that’s not the only reason it’s stuck on us!

The smell of Bubba Kush is enticing and not something you’ll soon forget. It’s pungent and bold. Many users note subtle hints of coffee and chocolate, two of our favourite vices! When burnt, it releases flavours of hash and spice with an earthy and nutty taste. On top of a dank weed taste, you will also notice a hint of sweetness on the exhale. It’s the cherry on top of an overall sundae of pleasure. But, be aware, the smoke of this strain is thick, so make sure you have some water on hand!

That said, there’s far more to this than just a pretty face, smell and smoke. In terms of effects, be prepared to experience pure, unfiltered bliss. Bubba Kush will have you feeling some type of way in the best possible way! With a THC concentration ranging from 15-23%, best believe you will be a passenger on the pleasure train. All aboard! Next stop, relaxation station!

You’ll feel the effects start in your head before giving way to a more expected, body melting sensation characteristic of an indica strain. While you’ll feel like all the stress has left your body, the beauty of Bubba Kush is that you’ll still have your wits about you. Brain fog? We don’t know her. You’ll remain focused and your mind clear. You’re as cool as a cucumber on ice!

You’ve never experienced comfort like this, with the added benefit of euphoria that will have you stoked on life! Sayonara sleepless nights. Catch you later chronic pain. Sadness, anxiety and decreased mood? Not today! Bubba Kush has many medical benefits. Insomnia, muscle tension, aches, pains, anxiety and depression are all alleviated with Bubba Kush! Indulge in a delightful case of the giggles as you feel the weight of all these ailments lift off into the atmosphere. Yet, be sure to have your favourite sweet or savory snacks close by. Bubba Kush is no stranger to the munchies. Once your tummy is full, this kush will bring you to bed and tuck you with its effects that are as dreamy as they are dream-inducing.


Bubba Kush Strain Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress

31 reviews for Bubba Kush

  1. Worthington

    Nice bubba strain. Not as gassy as the death bubba you guys have but this one is still a heavy hitter.

  2. Taylor

    Smooth burn…great taste.One of my personal favourites

  3. sturgeon_hill

    Very popular strain from the old days, and it is still very good

  4. RobRei2

    Nice stuff !!

  5. Tiff

    Nice dense nugs. Sticky so it burns very slow

  6. killingthegame

    Very nice bud clean taste awesome high.

  7. youngfox

    I feel extremely productive after smoking this. Danksssss

  8. jql

    Really long lasting taste (with a vape).

  9. jenny

    Awesome strain. Would recommend strongly to anyone.

  10. hustlerways

    One of my favorite kushes. Always a good pick

  11. debbie60

    Awesome smoke

  12. fabloso

    Cant go wrong with the bubba

  13. dmuff

    Powerful head high, good for anyone looking to get super baked

  14. mrrugs

    Nice flavor and one of the stronger indica’s I have tried so far.

  15. Eric

    Very nice smoke, looks and smells great. Can’t beat the price either

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