Build Your Own Ounce


Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce for $170


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Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce for $170!

Each Strain Comes with 7 Grams of Flower

Build your own 28g mix and match here!



386 reviews for Build Your Own Ounce

  1. shylohla

    im very happy with my selection. great way to try multiple strains at a great price.

  2. f.fournier.qc

    Great way to try strain 🙂

  3. Allenshabs

    Once again, great product. Although, I’ve noticed that the 7 G of blueberry cheesecake isn’t all blueberry cheesecake. There’s a bud in there significantly different from all the other. Much lighter in colour and had a pine scent to it.

  4. jayspurrell709

    Love the fact that I could have 4 kinds, great deal

  5. Rlmmmm

    What a great way to try multiple strains at the same time! Fast delivery amazing quality!

  6. MaverickRam

    Great price. Great variety. Great service! Will order again.

  7. Twonmon

    hot deal, good buds!

  8. manda_068

    What a deal can’t ask for any better ?

  9. Frosty18

    This was a great deal at 180. I got half Lemon Skunk and half God’s Green Crack. Both were very nice, but the Lemon Skunk was excellent.

  10. Maddy

    Great deal, great way to sample varieties!

  11. tianomar


  12. Colin

    Great way to sample a few strains but still get a bit of a price break for quantity.
    Tried Headband, Acapulco Gold, King Kush, and Blue Hawaiian.
    Acapulco was my favourite, but all were definitely good quality flower.

  13. Joelbeatty20

    Good deal. Offered some real good buds. Especially liked Girl Scout Cookies. Tasty.

  14. Chris

    Great ounce deal love it the White Rhino was very good and the Pink Kush which is always my fave was AMAZING andything from HA is topshelf they have awesome flowers cant wait till they get more always a treat to get their meds in the mail <3 AAAA all the time

  15. Dupeshow71

    You couldn’t ask for anything better. 4 kinds of flower for the right price. And awesome flower.

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