Build Your Own Ounce


Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce for $170


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Pick Any 4 Strains to Build Your Own Ounce for $170!

Each Strain Comes with 7 Grams of Flower

Build your own 28g mix and match here!



386 reviews for Build Your Own Ounce

  1. Taylor

    A great way to try different strains. I’ve used this deal multiple times and it’s always be great

  2. Alexthebuzz

    Great deal when on sale!!

  3. NickfromNL

    Great variety, at great value. Good opportunity to try new strains

  4. Rkimberley

    Great way to taste a variety

  5. samthestoner

    great deal for a great price it’s awesome when you wanna try a bunch of different strains

  6. Michelle

    what a great way to try out new strains without breaking the bank. Great smokability!

  7. caelyn.bremner

    Love trying new kinds so this was awesomd

  8. simserk2015

    Nice variety. Enjoy having different choices of smoke.

  9. Purps

    Insane deal! love the variety! 🙂

  10. Krispy77

    This is probably my go to for flash deals when it pops up because I know the selection will be fantastic for the price point. Plus you get to try multiple strains.

  11. goodhew.michael

    Great package deal got it on sale highly recommended the grand daddy and purple uncle super strong indicas

  12. Seanripco

    Wow great selection and for a great price

  13. NateRudd

    Favourite deal you guys offer! Best way to get a feel for all the flowers

  14. kinghosss

    This is a great deal!!! In my ounce I picked up 7g Purple Eurkel, 7g Ghost Train Haze, 7g Chocolope and 7g Girl Scout Cookies. The Purple Eurkel was very tasty, a nice Indica without the couch lock. First time smoking this strain and it’s in my top 5 for flavor. The Ghost Train Haze was my favorite. Sticky dense buds with a gassy nose. A real strong head high with this one. Chocolope was ok, it was my least favorite of the 4. Not too much taste but the buzz was real nice. The Girl Scout Cookies was really good. Nice looking green buds and super tasty. This was my first dealings with Herb Approach and it was an over all awesome experience.

  15. abudpub

    amazing deal and love the choice of buds they are aaaaa+ fooor sure high af

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