Cake Crasher

THC 22-25%CBD 0-1%

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What do you get when you combine the two immensely popular strains of Wedding Cake with Wedding Crasher? You get Cake Crasher! This hybrid strain is ready to be the VIP at your next social party or function. With 22% THC, a great tasting terpene profile and uplifting and relaxing effects, you’re going to want this premium Craft collection strain to crash all of your future parties!


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Cake Crasher Strain Information

Cake Crasher is a party-ready strain worthy of its bold name. Bred by combining Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher, this bud is one party crasher you’ll welcome with open arms. Potent, tasty oh-so-good, this strain will have you pining for more with its hazy effects and irresistibly fruity taste. Packing 22% THC on average, this Craft Collection strain is destined to be the focus of all of your parties!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Cake Crasher is a hybrid strain with Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher genetics. As a hybrid, its appearance takes on an interesting appearance. The leaves take on a fluffy yet chunky appearance and the buds themselves taper into a cone-like shape. On the surface, this flower has olive-green leaves.

However, it can also have some purple weed hues, giving this strain a royal and regal appearance.

While its appearance warrants your attention, this strain’s flavour is also a huge draw. This dank bud has that characteristic sweet, fruity taste from its Wedding Cake strain as well as some gassy elements from Wedding Crasher. You’ll taste the sweetness almost right away. Fruity and earthy with some more sweet undertones, this cake-like flavour quickly gives way to more gassy, diesel-like notes. On the exhale, tokers will be able to taste flavours of tangy Limonene, gassy Caryophyllene and floral Linalool. While the gassy flavours are not as pronounced as the sweet flavours, they provide a great contrast to the overall terpene profile.

Finally, we’ll move on to this strain’s illustrious effects. This strain isn’t a part of the Craft Collection for nothing! With this strain, tokers can expect a euphoric and relaxing experience. Firstly, the high will begin with a cerebral pressure in the head that uplifts and invigorates. Secondly, the effects will transition into a sedative body high that’s deeply relaxing. Novice users may find this body stone to be overpowering to the point of couch lock.

Medically speaking, this strain is ideal for patients who are looking to treat insomnia, nausea and poor appetite. In higher doses, this strain can also be used to treat migraines as well as pain.

Cake Crasher Medical Benefits

Insomnia, Nausea, Poor Mood, Poor Appetite, Migraines

39 reviews for Cake Crasher

  1. JamesS

    Great bag appeal, very smooth to smoke and excellent flavour. I find for myself the high to be very uplifting a good daytime functioning high.

  2. Alin

    Great tasting. Really nice buzz for watching movies . Nice body buzz

  3. ryanfife123

    Amazing weed love the taste love the high

  4. lilmikey

    Looked very appealing as soon as I opened my package. Big dense pungent sticky nugs. Smoke was very clean with a nice cerebral high.

  5. ashleymedicraft7

    Very good , loved it


    I love cake, I love crashing

  7. TimB420

    Frosty sticky nugs. THis one did not disappoint.

  8. aP

    Amazing looking weed, Bag appeal is strong with this strain! Smell and taste are really good too, was suprised how smooth it was! Not the most potent, but still such a good high.

  9. egonbenway

    Gorgeous dazzling nugs of dark green, grey and purple coated in crystals.
    Medium potency.

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