California Orange

THC 13-15%CBD 0-1%

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Enjoy a blast from the past with California Orange. A balanced 50/50 hybrid, this tangy strain is as zesty as it is potent. Sweet, Smooth, and spicy, Cali Orange will stimulate, alleviate, and sedate – all in one!


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California Orange Strain Information

California Orange has a long and storied history. Originally coming to light in the 1980s during a time when reefer madness was still in full swing and cannabis cultivators were unable to discuss their trade, trademark their strains, or openly trade clones. As a consequence, the lineage behind this classic strain remains unknown to this day. However, what is known is that California Orange’s zesty fresh, orange scent and 13-15% THC content keeps this strain ever relevant. 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

As a balanced hybrid, California Orange has a dense yet leafy appearance. With pale-olive leaves and a light dusting of trichomes, California Orange’s buds mask a strong, dank, and skunky aroma. While citrus notes dominate on the surface, this strain is undeniably pungent. California Orange is perhaps the cannabis embodiment of warm, California nights.

With effects that stimulate you without driving you crazy, this strain is enjoyed by many for its clear, focused high that elevates creativity while simultaneously lowering anxiety. As the high wears on, it tapers down into physical relaxation and mind, body, and spirit are soothed and relaxed by its zesty, dank flavours. With a THC rating of 13-15%, it won’t knock you on your feet, but will provide you with enjoyably mellow effects! 

With a tight body and a nice light green tone, California Orange is definitely a looker. The surface of this bud’s righteous nugs are covered in a dusting of trichomes, making this one extremely sticky icky strain. Bust open one of California Orange’s beautiful bugs and you’ll be hit with a strong, pungent scent that’s reminiscent of many other West Coast strains such as Green Crack and SFV OG. However, this strong and pungent smell only lasts momentarily, as these surface notes quickly fade and give way to its core, citrus aroma. 

High in linalool, a terpene that’s naturally found in lavender, California Orange has a smooth, sweet, and spicy flavour. On the exhale, you can expect it’s sweet smoke to linger on the palate and tickle your tongue with its aromatic smoke. Sporting a clean finish, this strain is perfect to be enjoyed on the beach, smoked on-the-go, or in the comfort of your own home. 

As a balanced strain, it offers many benefits to its users that aren’t too heavy-handed. Able to increase focus, creativity, and nausea with its medium-low THC level, California Orange is perfect for users who want to medicate without sedating or over-stimulating themselves. With such mellow effects, it’s best suited for those looking to eliminate stress and reduce anxiety. This strain’s sedative properties also make it a great nightcap strain to be enjoyed before bed. 

California Orange Medical Benefits

Creativity, Focus, Relaxation, Stress 

32 reviews for California Orange

  1. sir_meowsalot7861

    A great flower. I love the smell reminding of citrus fruits. The buds were nice and dense with lovely orange hairs and a light green colour. Smoke was nice and smooth and the taste is reminiscent of tangerines and grapefruit. The cerebral high is pretty nice in my opinion and the body high is gentle and warm. I highly recommend using this during the evening and at night.

  2. pelehoscrystal

    Mmmm. Very good stuff.

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