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Sweet doesn’t even begin to describe Candyland! This sensational sativa-dominant hybrid will take your mind on an epic journey. Get ready to indulge your creative side with a boost of focus and energy like never before. Paired with an uplifting euphoria? What are you waiting for! 


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Candyland Strain Information

Who doesn’t want to visit Candyland! What was once your favourite board game is soon to become your new favourite weed strain. If you’re a sativa lover, Candyland is an absolute must-try! It will open your eyes and remind you why you fell in love with sativas in the first place. This hybrid provides a potent boost of energy that will have you fighting to keep that big smile off your face. Couple that with a burst of creativity and focus, and the happy euphoria will grow even more!  

A product out of San Francisco Bay in California, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the iconic cross between legendary Grand Daddy Purple and a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strains. With such epic genetics, it’s no wonder that Candyland brought home a gold medal in the 2012 KushCon! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Candyland buds are small closely packed together. They are a slightly darker shade of green than a more typical brighter sativa strain. Scattered throughout Candyland are dull red pistils that run longer than average. This combination makes the buds look almost fuzzy from far away. Finally, when grown properly, Candyland comes with a generous layer of trichomes that make its buds look like they’ve been dipped in powdered sugar. 

Candyland smells as sweet as it sounds! The scent is certain to draw you in with hints of fresh pine cones and a rich herbal sweetness that will intrigue your senses. This sativa-dominant hybrid presents a pungent earthy aroma that will make your mouth water.  

This compelling collection of fragrant smells translates into Candyland’s unique flavour. Users can expect a taste that is very sweet and earthy. So, not only does it smell intoxicating, it’s tasty to boot! Candyland has a tenaciously strong flavour that will stick to your tongue, particularly on the exhale. Smoking this strain will transport you to Candyland in the best possible way! Get ready for an earthy taste with hints of sweet fruit and berries coupled with just a bit of spice.

If you thought its aroma and flavour were sweet, wait until you hear about its effects! Candyland is a fantastic strain for social occasions and creative activities. Pretty much, if you’re looking to engage your brain, Candyland has got your back! If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, this strain is excellent for providing a bountiful energy boost. Candyland has the amazing ability to uplift your mood through its euphoric cerebral effects. Instead of stress and worry, all you’ll be able to think about are fun and creative things to do and talk about! This strain is fantastic for a wake and bake toke. It will have you out of bed and out on the town in no time! However, this hybrid is also great for relaxing your body without feeling weighed down or sluggish. 

 On top of its recreational benefits, Candyland is also a widely known popular medical strain. It is effective in combatting chronic stress and helping people feel less anxious. Its energizing properties make it great for battling fatigue. With its uplifting euphoric qualities, Candyland is also excellent for tackling symptoms of depression and PTSD. 

Candyland Medical Benefits

Chronic Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

3 reviews for Candyland

  1. pazzy1234

    Great daytime strain no hard burn out.

  2. jjc222

    Nice high but didn’t hang around very long. Was hoping for a sweeter flavour

  3. brodie.ranger

    Great for anything social and public. How can you go wrong with a name like Candyland .

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