The Cannatonic strain is a balanced strain with equal ratios of CBD and THC. Whether it’s mental or physical relaxation you’re looking for, Cannatonic is here to deliver!


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Cannatonic Strain Information

If enjoying life and putting your mind and body at ease is a priority, then Cannatonic is your strain.

The pain-relieving properties are a staple characteristic but don’t overlook its relaxing powers

Within moments,ease flows through the body, releasing angst and mental stress. Anxious thoughts disappear, becoming a thing of the past. While not considered a nighttime strain, it helps users relax and pave the way for a deep slumber.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Cannatonic won’t knock you out in the flavour or aroma department, but it’s what’s under the hood that matters. It’s high CBD content compares to Harlequin or Charlotte’s Web, but both strains lack THC. The balance of CBD to THC sets Cannatonic apart from the rest of the pack.

The most important and beneficial use for this strain is eliminating pain. Users describe it as changing their life completely, working better than the drugs their doctors prescribe. All without the side effects that plagued their years of usage.

The Cannatonic strain is a mark of revolution in the cannabis industry. Since its legalization, growers have moved towards breeding strains with higher THC ratios. With the recent research showing the impact CBD has on our health, the balance has started to shift. And balance is exactly what Resin Seeds was going for.

Their goal was to create a strain with a 50:50 ratio of CBD to THC, something unheard of at the time. As they say, everything is impossible until it’s done and the Cannatonic strain is living proof.

The strain retains most of the flavour profile from its parents. An earthy taste is quite noticeable at first, but as the smoke sits on the tongue, a citrusy after taste joins the party.

Cannatonic is one of a kind strain for medicinal and recreational users alike. If an out-of-this-world cerebral high is what you desire, look elsewhere. If enjoying life and putting your mind and body at ease is a priority, you know what to do.

Cannatonic Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Stress

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  1. c.berthier

    Very good, not my favorite but worthy of a go. Relaxing.

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