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Are physical ailments, anxiety, and stress preventing you from getting footloose? Don’t worry, this Dancehall is here to help! Offering a whopping 26-29% THC on average, this potent strain is perfect for dashing away any physical and mental problems to help you feel your best.


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Dancehall Strain Information

Are you ready to start jiving? Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to dance to enjoy this Dancehall! The creation of Spanish seed bank Reggae Seeds, Dancehall is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that places a heavy emphasis on THC. This strain has its THC potency averaging between 26 and 29%. An incredibly potent and dank strain, Dancehall is a great choice for medical and recreational tokers alike. In addition to delivering mellow and calm effects, this strain is also effective at relieving stress, depression and anxiety! Living your best life the way you want to with this holistic, THC dominant craft collection strain today!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

From the seductive Tango to the sensual Bolero, Spain is famous for its music and dancing culture. As such, it would only make sense that the country would be the birthplace of the Dancehall strain! A creation of Spanish seed bank Reggae Seeds, Dancehall is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a slight sativa influence. Although its CBD content is rated at only 1 to 2%, its THC content comes in at an overwhelming 26-29%! Experienced tokers might be put off by its high potency but rest assured, this strain offers more than meets the eye. Here’s why.

Firstly, its appearance. Dancehall nugs are simply magnificent. The buds have a rich, deep purple weed hue to them with fiery-orange pistils that demand attention. The density of the bud slowly tapers into a conical shape, accenting the layer of trichomes on its surface.

Secondly, its aroma. As soon as you open the bag, your senses will be caressed by the amazing aroma of spices, flowers and pineapple. While the aromas are primarily sweet and aromatic, a hint of gas and diesel undercuts this sweet bouquet in the best of ways. Dancehall’s terpene profile and bag appeal are no doubt tantalizing, but its unique flavour is what makes this strain so sensational. On the tongue, you’ll taste that same, incredible bouquet of sweet floral notes that tickled your nose earlier. When exhaled, the gassy flavour of diesel provides a stark contrast to the sweetness and finishes the experience smoothly.

Lastly, we’ll cover the effects. If this strain’s appearance and flavours weren’t enough to win you over, the experience surely will. As a THC dominant strain, the psychoactive effects will be exceptional compared to other strains. However, this shouldn’t deter you from trying this AAAA Craft Collection strain. When smoked, the high begins with a cerebral head high that makes you happy, relaxed and euphoric. You’ll feel footloose and free to dance the night away with confidence, but this isn’t just because of its THC! The high amount of THC in this strain also acts to provide relaxation and relief. You’ll feel your anxiety, pain and stress melt away once this strain starts working its magic.

With such a high THC content and a suite of strong medicinal effects, Dancehall is a great choice for medical patients. Cramps, headaches, inflammation, muscle pain, stress, anxiety and a host of other physical and mental ailments will simply vanish. If you want to put some pep back in your step and have a great time doing so, pick up this AAAA craft strain today!

Dancehall Medical Benefits

Stress, Anxiety, Euphoria, Muscle Pain, Inflammation

21 reviews for Dancehall

  1. GoodVibes868

    The way it smoked was a bit underwhelming. Very tight and sticky buds, smells strong of outdoor citrus. Gave me great focus and attention to detail every time, but the taste leaves more to be desired.

  2. miccheck1-2

    4.5* reminds me of the strain nuken. Sticky buds with a strong robust skunky smell.

  3. Kayla-La

    Great bud! Smells and tastes good. Sweet smelling and tasting. Highly recommended. Peace, out.

  4. rickydean

    The morose feelings of depression and procastination, has fallen away just like those branches leaves.

  5. j997

    Just hit the strain a few times and the pain and aches are gone….highly recommendable for pain and relaxation.

  6. EmiSky

    I liked the help with insomnia. I started yawning a few minutes later and slept very well

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