Dutch Treat

THC 28-30%CBD 0-1%

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Dutch Treat is the pinnacle of the treat yourself mentality! It has sweet and sedating effects that will inspire positive vibes and good times. Say goodbye to stress and tension and hello to sweet relief. Unwind at the end of the day with your favourite buds in more ways than one with Dutch Treat! 


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Dutch Treat Strain Information

If you’re looking for a strain to treat yourself, your search is over! Dutch Treat has everything you need to know in its name! An indica-heavy hybrid, this strain was first cultivated in the Pacific Northwest. Now, it’s become a popular choice in Amsterdam and around the world. Did we mention it’s an award winner? Dutch Treat took home 3rd Best Sativa in the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup.

To begin our strain review, the lineage of Dutch Treat drips with mystery. Rumour has it the strain was perfected by Legendary BC Bud growers, Jordan of the Islands. However, what it lacks in backstory Dutch Treat more than makes up for with its wicked effects! This strain supplies a heavenly body buzz. Its potency reaches THC levels of up to 30%! With strength like that, you know you’re in for a treat!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

While Dutch Treat is an indica-dominant hybrid, its looks are sativa. But she’s beautiful all the same! Moving onto the strain’s appearance, the buds are tapered and cone-shaped. Additionally, its leaves are also softer, wispier and densely packed. The leaves themselves are dark green with golden and yellow pistils underneath. Dutch Treat also has a thick coating of glistening trichomes.

Dutch Treat buds might be hard to break apart without a weed grinder.

Wondering about the smell? For starters, this strain’s scent will invigorate your senses as soon as you open the bag! This strain has a mouth-watering aroma. It smells sweet like blueberries with hints of woody smells of cedar and pine. You may likely detect sweet citrus notes, as well.

In addition to its enticing smell, this dank bud is flavourful to boot! This hybrid tastes fruity with hints of fresh pine. Taste-wise, this strain has a sweet-earthiness and smoke that’s surprisingly smooth. On the exhale, a sweet and woody taste of fruity pine and a hint of sandalwood tickles the tongue.

The Dutch Treat strain will hit fast with a euphoric headrush. It will boost your mood and motivate you to be chatty and social. In other words, don’t be surprised if a goofy smile appears on your face!

To start, the head high hits slow, but gives way to a wave of pure physical relaxation. Some users may experience an increased feeling of laziness. In higher doses, however, Dutch Treat will likely induce couch-lock. This hybrid strain is ideal for producing a clear yet enjoyable cerebral effect. In conclusion, Dutch Treat soothes the body while lifting your mood. Even the most stressed-out person will have difficulty resisting its laidback charm!

Dutch Treat has a way of kicking your stress and tension to the curb and replacing it with all smiles and good times. However, as the high and the night tapers down, this strain will make you feel tired and sleepy. This strain is best for nighttime use as a nightcap! Similarly, this strain is also great for relaxing during the day or a wake-and-bake if you’ve got no plans on your calendar!

After you’re done toking up on Dutch Treat and let work its magic, be ready for a restful night of sleep!

Dutch Treat is quite popular on the medical marijuana market. Users love it for its soothing and uplifting effects. Conclusively, the indica-dominant genetics make it an excellent stress-reliever and relieve both mental and emotional tension.

This strain’s relaxing body high is great for chronic pain and headaches. Additionally, its mood-boosting abilities make it an effective strain for depression and anxiety. Finally, when taken in high doses, Dutch Treat is also effective for insomnia.

Dutch Treat Medical Benefits

Stress, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia

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  1. wiggy.ah

    Tasty and strong. Definitely would purchase again!

  2. stilsonlee

    Pass this strain over many times not one to pass it’s glorious ?

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