El Jefe

THC 23-25%CBD 0-1%


El Jefe is the combination of Rare Darkness #1 and Abusive OG. A heavy Indica with a high THC content, between 21 and 29% this strain will alleviate plenty of symptoms you may be suffering from.


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El Jefe Strain Information

Say adios to pain, stress and mental mess with El Jefe! This potent indica-dominant hybrid is a 70/30 cross of parent strains Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1. El Jefe is full-bodied in terms of flavour and effects. It has a classic dank weed aroma, but its taste may surprise you! With THC levels between 22 and 25%, there’s a reason this strain has earned the name “The Boss.” However, don’t let the name intimidate you! El Jefe is all about relieving your daily woes and helping you unwind without being too overbearing.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

El Jefe is a unique-looking strain, to say the least, but that’s just one aspect of its charm! This strain is colourful, with fiery orange hairs that stick out from the buds. The El Jefe buds have bright shades and contrasted with dark shades of green. A recognizable characteristic of this strain. The dense buds of El Jefe are also coated with a stunning layer of sticky white trichomes.

The aromas of El Jefe will provide a nostalgic comfort for many seasoned tokers. This strain smells like hash, with earthy undertones and a slight pungency.

That said, don’t let the smell give you the wrong impression! The taste of this strain is different from what you might think! like looks, smells can be deceiving too! The taste of El Jefe is surprisingly bold with blends of spicy lemon and rich pine. This diverse flavour palate is sure to entice and delight your senses!

El Jefe is well-known as one of the best mind-relieving strains. As such, its high is potent yet soothing without being too overpowering. In this way, its effects are quite the opposite of what its name implies. The only thing this strain is the boss of is ensuring that you feel stress-free! Its high is incredibly calming and thrives in both mind and body.

Users will likely feel a pleasant tingling or buzzing sensation in their limbs. These physical effects might cause you to become a little bit couch-locked when taken in higher doses. The mental effects are relaxing yet euphoric, eliminating all your stress. While it’s primarily known as a medical strain, El Jefe is also a favourite for recreational users to relax and unwind.

Many medical users love El Jefe because it has strong sedative qualities. However, while potent, it won’t knock you out completely. It’s excellent for combating chronic pain and muscle tension. The uplifting effects of this dank bud are also great for treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. The potent body high is also effective for cramps, muscle spasms, eye pressure, and restless leg syndrome.

El Jefe Medical Benefits

Pain, Muscle Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Cramps, Appetite-Stimulation

10 reviews for El Jefe

  1. stewartpola

    Heavy stuff man

  2. m_malais

    Very good high and amazing gassy taste

  3. dylanfroese.2

    The buds were trimmed really nice and looked just like they did in the picture, I found this strain helped a lot with stress, had a bit of a spicy pine taste with a hint of citrus, definitely would buy again.

  4. Scott Dalzell

    Taste so fing good mouth watered! Nice all around

  5. Gabriel

    strong weed for strong people

  6. Reanimator66

    Really heavy hitter.

  7. Tomin

    Clean white burning smoke. Good for a night time sesh

  8. vh

    One of the heavier strains I have smoked. This stuff really hits hard

  9. Norvan

    Best strain I have smoked on this site so far. Will be buying this again on my next order.

  10. Santana

    Bomb ass smoke, making it an instant favorite among the other flower products

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