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Short, stocky, and powerful like its cinematic counterpart, the Ewok strain is a balanced hybrid packing potent effects. This strain is fresh and minty with a citrus twist and nutty finish. With a THC percentage of 22-25%, it’s ideal for relaxing, relieving stress, and putting you to sleep!


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Ewok Strain Information

The Ewok strain is one of those rare breeds where Sativa and Indica genetics work together to create something more than the sum of its parts. A blend of Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker strains, Ewok is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that has a lot to offer. Sedative and relaxing but with cerebral-focused effects, Ewok excels at relaxing its users and relieving stress, anxiety and any other troubles that may be bothering them!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The Ewok strain is a rare one. It’s named after the furry and reclusive forest dwellers from the Star Wars universe and with good reason. Ewok buds are short, stalky and incredibly hairy. An abundance of pistils and a thick layer of kief coat the surface of the nugs and emit a fruity yet pungent aroma. The lovechild between Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker, Ewok is a perfectly balanced hybrid that’s equal parts indica and sativa. 

On the tongue, Ewok’s dank yet fresh aroma will surprise and delight. The combination of diesel, fragrant herbs and citrus aromas is unique to Ewok and one that won’t fade quickly! Ewok’s smoke is thick and milky, working quickly to coat the tongue with its out-of-this-world flavour. 

In addition to its world-class aroma and flavour profile, Ewok also offers an incredible suite of effects. Perfectly balanced, Ewok’s effects begin in the head. Uplifting cerebral effects take root behind the eyes and slowly translate into a buzzy head high that’s stimulating and creative. Shortly afterwards, these effects translate into a sedative and relaxing body high. Users will feel relaxed, stress-free and sedated. Ewok’s effects make it ideal for treating anxiety, insomnia and stress. Tokers will also appreciate its ability to stimulate creativity and focus, which might help those with ADD and ADHD.

Ewok Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Joint Aches, Back Pain, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

3 reviews for Ewok

  1. blerg322

    I understand why this was sold for the price I paid. Definitely food-grade

  2. beachbunny

    Not my favourite, kind of a weird strain.. @fry420 got it right

  3. fry420x

    Exceeded expectations.

    Uplifting and energetic, long-lasting and surprisingly potent. Smells terrible, but the dense buds look great and fluff up very nicely in the grinder. Slow-burning, a little on the harsh side with a kick to match. Very nice.

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