Golden Goat

THC 21-23%CBD 0-1%

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Tropical, sweet, and potent, Golden Goat is a trifecta of sativa-dominant goodness that’ll have you coming back for more! Packing 23% average THC content in each golden nug, Golden Goat is perfect for catching some rest and relaxation enjoying a pleasantly stimulating buzz.


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Golden Goat Strain Information

Golden Goat is an accidental masterpiece. Nobody would’ve guessed that this accidental cross of Hawaiian Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk would give birth to this fruity, flavour-packed strain. With 23% THC on average, sativa-dominant Golden Goat’s gold-coloured buds and therapeutic effects are here to please.

Golden Goat Effects & Flavours

Sun-kissed, delicious, and potent. This dank strain is a tropical, sativa-dominant strain created by accident! When the island strains of Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk accidentally pollinated each other, Golden Goat was born. Hence, this strain brings together the best qualities of its island parent strains.

This pairing led to a beautiful strain that yielded dense, gold-coloured buds covered in crystalline trichomes. When you break open a nug, you’ll feel as if you were transported to a tropical island Lūʻau as the smell of sweet tropical fruit, fragrant spice, and dank earth hits your senses. These wonderful aromas translate into the flavour profile, too. The smoke is thick, creamy, and extremely pungent on the exhale, providing tokers with a skunky yet pleasant finish.

This flower won’t ram you off your feet, but it will nudge you in the right direction. The onset of effects begins slowly but ramps up quickly. Sensory perception will increase slowly as sounds, touch, and smell become enhanced. Besides, users can expect stress reduction and anxiety relief.

As time goes on, this sensory overload transitions into a deep body mellow that calms users from the neck down. While calming, the high is far from sedative, leaving tokers lucid. Cerebral stimulation sets in shortly after the user’s body relaxes.

Golden Goat has an average THC content of 23%. Be careful, as it could cause couchlock and a potential green out when enjoyed in large amounts!

Medical Benefits

Stress, Mood, Anxiety, Insomnia

29 reviews for Golden Goat

  1. salesse-2915

    Bought it for the name but was highly impressed, a great sativa, smells were really nice, smoke was good, high was good, tight buds, would recommend

  2. Lik

    My favorite strain from HA!

  3. LordMegachron

    I love this strain. This bud straight delivered. It was very uplifting. Fantastic high.

  4. PainInTheNexus

    Nice bud! Visually it sparkles! Would recommend!

  5. PainInTheNexus

    Really stinky, in a good way! Smokes great and high is uplifting!

  6. cpepp119

    Emotional rollercoaster at times, but over all I enjoy Golden Goat.

  7. brentonwilliamhall

    Not exactly the GOAT but golden nonetheless! Nice fresh tasting smoke. Pretty good toke to suit any mood.

  8. melanie.rideout

    Smooth smoke! Can be great during the day to get you going but can also make you feel chill sitting on the couch.

  9. emilylkehoe

    Beautiful tight sticky bud. Full of crystals that prisms in sunshine lol. Uplifting happy and calm feeling. Excellent bud!

  10. teresaschnell5

    Nice sativa dominant hybrid. I felt uplifted and energetic, yet calm and relaxed. Great choice for both day and night. Just to find a great recipe from Ardent Lift.

  11. ncsiding

    Nice sweet taste with a tingly head high. Nice pick me uo to start the day!

  12. mitchell.laforme

    great buzz. will definitely buy again!

  13. kgayle765

    Uplifting it is! Kept me happy and in an amazing mood

  14. thunderhawk

    Good parents yield good offspring.
    Smell is amazing. Effects are s-dom and uplifting.

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