Golden Pineapple

THC 25-28%CBD 0-1%

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Golden Pineapple will make you feel just that, golden! Feel your creativity flow like the Nile River after a heavy rainstorm. Take your mood to new heights. Feel your body perk up with a sudden burst of energy. With Golden Pineapple, the potent possibilities are endless!


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Golden Pineapple Strain Information

Golden Pineapple is the hidden gem your stash is craving! This heavenly hybrid is a cross of Pineapple Kush and Golden Goat. This strain’s creators have decided to stay anonymous, but we salute them nonetheless! 

Well-balanced and delicious, this dank strain is the golden child of the cannabis world! Still, not all 50/50 hybrid strains pack a punch like Golden Pineapple. This strain comes in hot with a whopping 25-28% THC! It’s no surprise why this handy hybrid was a winner at the 3rd Northwest Cannabis Club. If you’re on the market for a potent yet tasty strain, this is for you! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Golden Pineapple is a tropical treat that showers the senses from first sight to last puff. The nugs are mostly green, with orange hairs scattered throughout. The buds are dense and sticky with resin.  

Any strain featuring tasty, top-shelf tropical scents is going to get noticed! You will not be dissapointed! Its sweet pineapple aroma is intense, with a refreshing hint of pine. Golden Pineapple also has underlying notes of citrus. There’s also an obvious dank and skunky fragrance.

The good times don’t stop there! Golden Pineapple is well-known for its distinct and delicious flavours. It has a unique fruitiness that will make your tongue feel sticky. Of course, you can’t ignore the obvious yet yummy pineapple taste! this tasty strain has sweet and tropical flavours. They can turn a bit spicy on the exhale. Users may also notice a hint of sour citrus that rounds out this hybrid’s full-bodied flavour. 

The dank bud’s high begins with an energizing surge of euphoria. It’s the perfect wake and bake strain to get you going with your day. Maybe even better than a cup of coffee! Still, there’s no wrong time of day to enjoy this strain, which only adds to its appeal! As this energy washes over your body, you’ll likely feel a surge of creativity. Golden Pineapple is a thinker’s strain! Furthermore, it may spark some inspiration, abstract thoughts and introspection. It’s just the strain to help break through any artistic blocks! 

Moreover, as the euphoria comes to a head, users will feel their bodies release any pent-up tension. Don’t worry, though. It’s not debilitating. You’ll feel a warm buzz that hugs the body like a down blanket in the winter. All kinds of comfy and cozy!

Besides, those in search of a daytime medicinal strain are in luck. Golden Pineapple has ample medical uses! This hybrid is fantastic for uplifting the mind. This quality also makes it great for relieving symptoms of depression and stress. Finally, Golden Pineapple also helps with pain, headaches and nausea.

Make no mistake about it. Golden Pineapple has a heavy THC concentration. For that reason, users should be careful dosing this strain! Start low and go slow. 

Golden Pineapple Medical Benefits

Depression, Stress, Pain, Headaches, Nausea

22 reviews for Golden Pineapple

  1. masterBud

    Does what it is supposed to and more. Great balance. Good when listening to music. Dance away.
    Got it as the deal of the day.
    Extra bonus.

  2. jshearer444

    Yummy as usual … maybe not a 5 star but i’m dishing bonus points for service and delivery.

  3. gerardb63

    A really extremely nice strong herb. Even with strong sativa influences, I had absolutely no problem with using it to treat my insomnia. Using with a desktop vaporizer my sessions are very long so I’d be wiped, and totally stoned out of my mind and ready to nap. Simply freaking perfect!

  4. jeyro917

    Amazing AAAA quality bud!
    Among the best I’ve had from HA, smells and tastes heavenly without neglecting effects, will reorder for sure!

  5. wil71

    Just how I remember it. very nice strain!

  6. ngym88

    Good stuff, however, the buds were on the smaller side. Good smoke.

  7. cac11

    Very fragrant. Little bit of anxiety for me from this one. Good smoke, nice buds.

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