Great White Shark

THC 22-24%CBD 0-1%

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Introducing the Great White Indica Shark strain, a bud that hits quicker than a 40-yard dash by Usain Bolt. With 14-15% THC, a couple of hits from the bong with Great White Shark and your entire body will feel elevated higher than the stars.


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Great White Shark Strain Information

How many of you reach for the Gravol anytime nausea hits? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Why not move to a more natural medication, such as Great White Shark? Calm the seas and set your feet on dry land again. The THC levels of this strain hover around 14% to 15%.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Great White Shark’s heritage is murkier than the water in the movie Jaws. On one side of its family tree, we get the Super Skunk strain, and the other is a mix of Brazil and Southern Indian breeds. With this, we’re treated to an exceptionally hard hitter for all experience levels.

Its buds are white with a blanket of sugary trichomes. You’ll also notice orange and brown hairs hiding underneath.

As for the strains’ flavour, this strain has an earthy flavour that’s coupled with a hint of lemon. Normally you wouldn’t associate the two, but in this case, it works wonderfully.

While the citrus makes its way into the flavour, the smell is completely different, with its skunky lineage shining through. It won’t stink up the entire apartment, but warning, the smell is mildly potent.

As previously mentioned, Great White Shark hits like a bat out of hell. Within a moment, tingling sensations wash over, letting go of any negative emotions. 

This state of euphoria is quickly joined by a strong, yet not overpowering body buzz. Novice smokers may find it a little much to complete their entire schedule, but it won’t leave you glued to the floor without any hope of getting up.

Since it expresses a strong sense of joy and bliss, users often rid any anxiety or depression. In a moment, a day that was best forgotten becomes memorable.

But, fair warning, you’ll have the appetite of a shark soon after, devouring anything in your path. This is optimal for those who suffer from anorexia or are going through rounds of chemotherapy.

For a well-balanced high that ticks off all the boxes, turn to Great White Shark. It’s the catch of the day you don’t want to break the line.

Nagging injuries take a toll on our bodies. Working heavy labour jobs and continuous physical action indefinitely slows us down. Take a bit out of pain and regain your youthful bounce with Great White Shark.  

Great White Shark Medical Benefits

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain

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    Magnificent. Definitely a favourite

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    This is my absolute favorite! Haven’t seen it in stock lately though.

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