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Hawaiian Lights

THC 18-21%CBD 0-1%


You’ve heard of Northern Lights but have you heard of Hawaiian Lights? Also known as Jordan of the Islands, this tropical strain is a balanced hybrid known for its sweet island funk. Uplifting and cerebral but also calm and relaxing, Hawaiian Lights is all you need for a staycation at home!


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Hawaiian Lights Strain Information

Not a fan of the heavy, sedative effects of Northern Lights? Want something lighter and brighter to help you relax without falling asleep? If that’s the case, it’s time to ditch the Northern Lights of Canada and head down south for the Hawaiian Lights of the pacific!

Also known as “Jordan of the Islands,” Hawaiian Lights is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that that delivers the best of both worlds. While the origins of this strain remain unknown, we can tell you without a doubt that you’ll be singing its praises soon! 

With THC content ranging from 15-23% on average, this budget bud is no stranger to potency. Said to be a cross between a Hawaiian landrace strain and Northern Lights, this tropical strain, like many other strains with the word ‘Hawaiian’ in them, has a seriously fruity taste! Sweet and juicy with just the right amount of funk, you’re to completely forget about the fact that this strain is a budget bud option. 

On the nose, you can expect notes of tropical fruit, pungent earth, and an air of sweetness that fills the room. On the exhale, you can expect much of the same. The smoke is viscous and thick and will immediately coat your mouth right from the first toke. Effects wise, Hawaiian Lights delivers a cerebral head high that promotes euphoria and happiness before it soothes and relaxes. As the high progresses, its Northern Lights genetics kick in and work to relax your body without locking you to your couch.

For tokers looking to enjoy a great head high and a relaxing body high on a budget, you can’t go wrong with Hawaiian Lights! 

Hawaiian Lights Medical Benefits 

Stress, Insomnia, Relaxation, Focus

Up to 18-21% THC

6 reviews for Hawaiian Lights

  1. Mbhydro (verified owner)

    Nice bud smokes well for the price

  2. tctc181818 (verified owner)

    Great smell. Dense buds. Good high. Would buy again.

  3. cdath1987 (verified owner)

    Will be adding to cart again. Great daytime hybrid

  4. Greeengoddess (verified owner)

    Love how this bud breaks up and smokes. Will be back for more

  5. davidchamberlandmusic (verified owner)

    Beautiful tight buds. Strong fruity smell. Great hybrid. Perfect strain for the creative artist!

  6. timorellen (verified owner)

    Nice solid buds. Taste not to bad. Good high. Great value.

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