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Today’s promotion featuring an ounce of Wifi OG for only $120


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WiFi OG Strain Information

WiFi OG, also known as White Fire OG and Wifi Kush, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that lights a fire in your belly. Known for its strong potency of 22-28% and its uplifting, invigorating high, this strain is great for social gatherings and energetic events. A cross between the strains Delivering a delightfully sour yet earthy flavour and aroma, White Fire OG’s smooth smoke will delight tokers of all experience levels.




White Fire OG has a two-note aroma of earth and diesel, with a touch of citrus and lemon. While is a bit on the plain Mary Jane side, we can assure you that what this strain lacks in the aroma department, it more than compensates with its flavour and effects.


Similar to its aroma, WiFi OG has an earthy, diesel-like taste to its smoke that many smokers might think tastes plain at first. However, after a few more hits and some time spent circulating the smoke around your mouth, users will be delighted to experience a complex combination of musk, forest and diesel.


WiFi OG has short, stalky buds that resemble little wicks of green flame. Light-green in colour with a thick dusting of trichomes on top, these little conical buds almost look like snow-capped mountain tops! To break up the green monotony, bright orange pistils pop up throughout the bud to give this sativa-dominant hybrid a bright and colourful appearance.

WiFI OG Strain Effects

White Fire OG is a strain that’s renowned for its uplifting and rejuvenating effects. As a sativa dominant hybrid, users can expect a bright, cheerful high that makes social and energy-demanding activities extremely enjoyable to partake in. If you’ve had a bad day of work on a Friday but still have plans to tear up the town with some friends after your shift, enjoying a bit of this flower can be just what you need to recharge yourself for the night! With such energizing and bright effects, this flower is great for treating chronic pain, appetite loss and mood disorders.

THC Content


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WiFi OG, also known as White Fire OG and Wifi Kush, is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing The White with Fire OG. Packing an average THC content of 22-28%, WiFi OG is a bright, uplifting and rejuvenating strain that’s ideal for social gatherings and energy-demanding activities. With short, stalky buds that resemble little wicks of green flame, this flowers conical nugs comes covered in a thick layer of trichomes which ups its bag appeal for anybody looking to impress their friends with a strain that’s beautiful and bright!

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  1. alexbelmont399

    Love it!!!

  2. ForestCityFunk

    Ordered Monday’s Death Bubba deal! Arrived today. Great looking nugs! Looking forward to a great evening…thanks to HA !!!

  3. cdath1987

    Love these deals. stocked up on distillates for a while!

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    Got to love all the deals

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    The Critical Mass was ‘as advertised’. Love the dailies for appreciation month.

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    5 put of 5 for sure

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    everything we have got has been good and you have to like the deals looking forword to more

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    I don’t know bought a few things to try. Waiting on the hooti shatter, only concern is that really. No fault of HA if it’s not right. I’ll update but might as well buy as much of the deals as you can. Not like you paying bills with your tax refund ?

  11. Crinterlane

    hit this in the vaporizer and it is very strong bud. looking forward to what’s new every day

  12. nightingsoul

    Im loving this daily deal!!!!!

  13. joelinkon84

    Surprised i received my order within 2 days. Flower is covered in frost and has a really clean burn. White ashes. Great quality and service.

  14. miner4trees

    i thought the chernobyl was a steal with the coupon code i used. Came down to $110 for an ounce. Very mellow sativa, my brain felt more creative than usual. I enjoyed my day very much

  15. friesen1213

    I got the first deal of Chernobyl, buds look ok but a little dry, smoke is smooth not much taste at all, I find the product pretty weak would not order again

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