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Death Star Strain Information

The Force is strong with Death Star! Its name is certainly ominous and may inspire you to venture to the dark side. That said, this indica-dominant hybrid is less menacing with its chill, laidback effects.

In other words, this hard-hitting hybrid is enough to mellow even Darth Vader out!

Bred by combining Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, Death Star embodies the best of both lineages. It’s a balanced blend of soothing, indica and stimulating, sativa effects. The THC levels ranging from 22-27% put the ‘death’ in Death Star. So, novice tokers, especially, approach this strain with caution!

Death Star is the best of this world and beyond with its slow-euphoric yet relaxing effects!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The glorious qualities of Death Star start with its substantial bag appeal! This strain has large, chunky nugs. The buds are dark green, orange and feature just a tinge of purple. Holding up a Death Star bud is like staring into a never-ending universe. Vibrant orange trichomes dot the surface, giving the strain an out-of-this-world look.

Aroma-wise, Death Star is pungent. You can smell it from light-years away! Likely due to its Sour Diesel parent, its diesel aroma shines through the strongest. Notes of sweet floral and grounded earthiness cut this dankness. Still, Death star isn’t a strain you’d want to open up if you’re trying to be discreet or hide your high. If you do smoke inside, we’d highly recommend creating a sploof, at the very least!

On the palate, the Death Star flavour is equally as strong. It has a sweetly pungent taste with a slight citrus tang. The sticky diesel fragrance will translate into the flavour and stick on your tongue. The smoke tastes creamy and earthy, with some citrus mixed in. Its flavour profile is uniquely its own, and you won’t soon forget a sesh with Death Star!

One thing to know about this strain is that it creeps on you. In other words, you likely won’t feel the effects right from the jump. That said, when it hits, you’ll blast off to a galaxy far, far away! This strain will take your perception of relaxation and take it to a whole new level. Your mind will also experience an incredibly engaging euphoria. You’ll feel as though your mood has taken a one-way trip up into space with no intention of ever coming down!

Death Star will eventually make you feel sleepy. This property is especially prominent when it’s taken in higher doses. In this way, this strain is ideal for nighttime use. You’ll feel your body start to de-tense as every muscle relaxes into a peaceful cuddle puddle. When this happens, be sure to find somewhere cosy to rest your head to doze off. Whether that place is a bed or the inside of a Ton Ton is up to you!

Death Star gives users an out-of-this-world experience. It’s also not without medicinal applications! With its powerful euphoria, this strain is great for relieving stress and depression symptoms. Its physically sedating properties will help combat even the most stubborn insomnia. Nausea and pain? Not if this strain has anything to say about it! With its potent properties, this strain will blast those symptoms into the void of space.

Death Star Medical Benefits 

Stress, Depression, Nausea, Pain, Insomnia

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