Hippy Crasher

THC 25-27%CBD 0-1%

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Hippies might advocate for peace, but the Hippy Crasher strain is on a warpath. With a powerful THC content of 25-27%, this potent and powerful strain delivers an almost psychedelic high that other strains can’t even come close to offering. Enjoy this premium Craft Cannabis strain today!


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Hippy Crasher Strain Information

In need of some serious flower power? Hippy Crasher, with its potent 25-27% THC potency, is the choice for you. This powerful, indica-dominant hybrid strain will eliminate all of your aches and pains with the very first toke.

This strain comes from the Jungle Boys, a prominent seed bank with over 30 years of experience based in Los Angeles specializing in premium and exotic. While this strain has superstar genetics, its sweet, fruity, and nutty flavour and exceptional effects allow it to stand tall all on its own. A mix between the ever-popular Wedding Crasher and Kush Mints strain, Hippy Crasher has everything it needs to put your mind and body at absolute ease. Enjoy this Craft Cannabis strain today before it’s gone!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

While Hippy Crasher’s appearance doesn’t scream exactly scream “superstar,” believe us when we tell that this strain packs a punch. Appearance-wise, this strain doesn’t exactly have much to boast about. The buds are small, dense, and tend to break apart into popcorn weed buds easily.

While they are indeed fragile, the buds themselves are chunky and nicely coloured. For example, the leaves are an interesting shade of light green and contrast nicely against its orange pistils. Additionally, a thick layer of frosty white trichomes blankets each individual nug to elevate potency even further.

Although this strain’s appearance is lacklustre, what it lacks in the looks department is more than compensates for in its aroma, flavour, and effects.

Firstly, Hippy Crasher smells almost exactly like a fruit cake. Its aroma is sweet, berry, and yeasty with a slight nuttiness that makes it incredibly hard to resist. As soon as you open the bag, the smell of cherries, nuts, and other stone fruit will immediately envelop your senses. Fortunately, this strain’s wonderful aroma translates almost perfectly into its flavour.

On the tongue, the experience is roughly the same. Once you take that first toke, your palette will be dunked in an ocean of sweet berries, juicy fruit, and nutty cake. If you’re perceptive enough, you might be even to taste hints of refreshing mint on the exhale!

However, we’re not done yet! In addition to its delicious flavour, this strain also delivers an incredible high. Many will compare this strain’s high to that of a psychedelic. If you’re a sceptic, you’ll need to experience this strain firsthand in order to understand this comparison.

On the first inhale, your sensory perception will become spacey and distorted. Certain sights and sounds will look ‘off’ and your sense of time will shift considerably. Focusing on difficult tasks will be a challenge as these cerebral effects intensify over time.

After a short while, Hippy Crasher’s body high kicks in to relax and sedate. If you’re sitting down, you won’t want to get off of your couch! Your limbs, arms and eyelids will continue to get heavier until you eventually fall asleep.

With such effects, this strain can be a powerful tool for medicinal patients. Its borderline psychoactive effects can help relieve headaches, nausea, and stress. The body high this strain has can also treat pain and insomnia. Don’t sleep on this strain – get it while it’s here!

Hippy Crasher Medical Benefits

Nausea, Headaches, Stress, Insomnia, Pain

5 reviews for Hippy Crasher

  1. lafete

    Smells great,taste great,smokes nice,great evening smoke nice stuff

  2. lafete

    Smells great,taste great,smokes nice,great evening smoke

  3. Kayla-La

    I’ll give it another try in the day. Don’t feel any paranoia but I’m very alert in an energized manner.

  4. rickydean

    Definitely a must have, and will continue to be one of my favorites!

  5. j997


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