Hooti Extracts Syringe Mix and Match


Hooti Extracts Distillate Syringes are made with pure distillate to be used with your own creativity, dab it, eat it, or vape it.

Pick any 3 of your favourite flavours for $120

Each order contains 3x 1ml of Hooti Distillate

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Hooti Extracts Syringe Mix and Match

Hooti Extracts Syringes are made with pure distillate to be used with your own creativity. Dab it, eat it, or vape it. Hooti distillates are made using a closed-loop CO2 extractor, then distilled using a short path distillation three times making a pure THC distillate. Terpenes are re-introduced to create the flavor profile of the distillate. Note that this distillate is pure and nothing has been re-added to it except the terpenes. This distillate is not the same as the one we use in our vape cartridges, since the vape cartridges have been diluted to make it thinner so that it gives our patients a better vaping experience and doesn’t get clogged. If patients want to make their own vapes with our distillate they would have to use their own thinning agent and mix it themselves

Highly concentrated Distillate can be used for dabbing, vaping, or as an edible. We do NOT advise consumers to place distillate in any pre-filled cartridges.

Each order contains 3x 1ml of Hooti Distillate.

99 reviews for Hooti Extracts Syringe Mix and Match

  1. dmcormier.dc

    So far I’ve tried sour tangie and Durban poison for sativa. Durban poison clears brain fog and fatigue. Then the focus kicks in. This is definitely a strain you smoke before doing any household chores. Sour tangie brings on a happy and refreshing buzz. Great taste for both! I recommend Hooti syringes for sure! Consistently great product!

  2. dmcormier.dc

    I got 9 different strains on my last order! So far I’ve tried Durban Poison and Blue Dream. Great products! Love the variety of strains offered.

  3. keithhockley7

    Love the distillate,. But hooti has a new disposable cartridge. New is NOT better. I cannot refill. You have to use pliers to get the plastic tip off and it’s not fun. My old hooti cartridges have stood the test of time. I have refiled them many times. the tip simply scews off. The only issue I have is the wick inside can get burnt, giving bad flavour. but if you treat your pen properly and don’t use high voltage, you can make the disposable cartridge last a long time.

    Hooti. What the hell. You sell distillate which I love buying for refils. But now your basically forcing me to buy another brand to use your refill.
    I know it’s disposable and won’t last forever but you can get more than 1 gram use out of it.

  4. tellmelieslater

    I’ve tried Death Bubba, Pink Death, Grandaddy Purple – outstanding! I make edibles, 150 pieces, and this distillate hits hard, consistent and packs one hell of a punch. Caught it on sale and picked up another 6 flavours to try out. Can’t wait to get them here!

  5. Deb711

    Great product! Blue dream is amazing, death bubba will knock you out. Can’t go wrong with these.

  6. vanessar22

    Good quality, no leeking compared to the other hooti concentrate

  7. thekernal57

    I have purchased this product several times and Hooti is great and so is Herb Approach

  8. Nan Olafsson

    Never disappoints! I use this product daily in my medibles, as it’s perfect for making specific dose portions, guaranteed every time. I know dosing will be consistent purchase after purchase, so it takes the guess work out of managing my pain, insomnia, and other symptoms.

  9. thekernal57

    October 19 2020 Very pure form of THC. Hooti is great and so is Herb approach. Herb Approach has been great many times and very consistent.

  10. peterdebrone

    These were exactly as advertised

  11. hayleemaddy82

    Best distillate ive tryed

  12. shanenosrat

    Some of this best possible distillate you can buy. Hooti is an amazing company.

  13. riderfan1956

    good deal, very tasty

  14. starrynightet

    Great deals and flavours

  15. kimib0569

    Great for refills, amazing flavours. Purple punch by far is my favourite! Blue zkittles pretty tasty as well

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