Hooti Extracts Shatter 3 Pack


Pick any 3 of your favourite strains for only $100

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Hooti Extracts Shatter 3 Pack

Pick any 3 of your favourite strains for only $100

53 reviews for Hooti Extracts Shatter 3 Pack

  1. Thisistim

    Good deal

  2. konrad.zielinski9

    Really good price for the selection you get.

  3. J SMITH

    Great selection and a good price.

  4. rosieandscott

    Love love love this awesome price great value a must have

  5. kunai1362

    As other users mentionned, the packaging needs to be worked on. The shatter was good though but losing some due to poor packaging doesn’t make me want to order it again until they get this figured out.

  6. cdath1987

    last order had shatter all over the plastic and not the parchment paper… the strains are great but the packaging is losing sales from me. HA doesnt package them… this is all on Hooti’s end

  7. rosieandscott

    Packing needs help but the product is top shelf

  8. Caj

    Would be 5 star product but they need to package it properly.

  9. Emmyg

    I would give 5 starts for product and 2 for packaging the idea is good but “pourly” poorly lol executed, I think the pun is perfect considering I think the issue might be with the pouring

  10. kL0ud42O

    Wow, not much to say after all the other reviews. It would be a lot better in cooler weather. Hooti shatter is great tho.

  11. Braveheart

    Terrific shatter, and a good buy. Agree with all the other reviews about the packaging … it sucks.

  12. Emmyg

    I love the product but lost almost a half gram due to poor packaging it’s a shame to waste such good product not to mention the deal becomes not such a great deal?

  13. Jode

    Great shatter!! Packaging is cute but shatter is stuck to the parchment and kinda goes everywhere when you open it ?

  14. cdath1987

    The shatter itself was amazing. each strain. but I agree with the other review that packaging is nice. but unnecessary.

  15. sukannutaq

    I like the shatters but packaging had to change. I like the idea put into little containers but they just put the shatter on top of parchment paper and never wrap it. as a result not wrapping the shatter, it went everywhere inside lil container not on parchment paper.

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