Hooti THC Distillate Pen Cartridge Mix and Match

$150.00 $120.00

Enjoy 3 of your favourite Hooti Vaporizer Pen Cartridges for only $120! Save $30 and stock up on Refills!

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Enjoy 3 of your favourite Hooti Vaporizer Pen Cartridges for only $120! Save $30 and stock up on Refills! Each Cartridge has a universal 510 threading which contains 1 gram of Hooti’s Premium THC Distillate.

ATTENTION* Please prime cartridge before using to avoid a burnt or off flavour. Simply take 5 long, 5 second pulls without pressing the power button.

NOTICE: These vape pens do NOT contain Vitamin E Acetate, PG, VG, MCT or any other additives. Only organic terpenes.

Available Strains:

  • God’s Green Crack
  • King Kush
  • Hawaiian Cookies
  • Green Crack
  • Afghan Kush
  • Trainwreck
  • Purple Kush
  • Sour Tangie
  • Death Bubba
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pennywise (CBD)
  • Harlequin (CBD)

252 reviews for Hooti THC Distillate Pen Cartridge Mix and Match

  1. chelsey0731 (verified owner)

    I buy these all the time and love them, I had a problem with one not working but customer service helped me out.

  2. mikefrederickson (verified owner)

    Great deal !

  3. tercar1.6 (verified owner)

    I love these cartridges and the strains are phenomenal.

  4. patdunn06 (verified owner)

    I buy this deal every month. There has only ever been 2 510s that came with a defective atomizer. Which was completely reimbursed plus some for the trouble. THESE DO NOT LEAK IF USED PROPERLY!
    With that said it is just a straight THC isolate with 🥥 oil for a binder, and then specific strain terpenes are added into it after. If your looking for a more complete, naturally derived option with terpines and cbds naturally in it try Top shelf. With that being said;


    Once your that high in thc percentage it begins not to matter as much as the cbd contents and if you want natural and more cbds go with top shelf. Otherwise Hooti is the way to go in my opinion, if you want full spectrum extracts just get rosin or something.

  5. lucas.buccieri (verified owner)

    Ive bought Hooti vapes multiple times, best bang for you buck. Quality is top notch

  6. dsouzaam (verified owner)

    best bang for your buck when getting carts and I love the hooti variety

  7. Pfkiks (verified owner)

    Great deal

  8. Yierba (verified owner)

    Good candy!

  9. estee-63 (verified owner)

    Oh i love having a choice in stains and the quality is top notch.

  10. Dragonsedge84 (verified owner)

    Grand Daddy Purple is amazing!
    I had the best high in A very long time.

  11. eastcoastparvati (verified owner)

    I tried these for vaping but cartridges have issues sitting crooked on pen. And of course with crooked cartridge comes leakage.
    Not impressed

  12. skippysix78 (verified owner)

    These Carts are awesome, no leaks, lasts long and potent!

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