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Ice Cream Cake

THC 30-32%CBD 0-1%

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Have your cake and eat it too with Ice Cream Cake! This impeccable indica-dominant hybrid is fierce, flavourful and fun. Its enticing scent and delicious taste will definitely put a smile on your face! Experience relaxation and euphoria like never before with Ice Cream Cake!


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Ice Cream Cake Strain Information

Enjoy a grown-up twist on a childhood classic with Ice Cream Cake! California growers Seed Junky Genetics created this inviting indica-dominant hybrid. It’s the product of cross-breeding Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake strains. The result is a bud that has users singing how sweet it is! Ice Cream Cake is positively potent. Its THC levels ranging between 29-32%. If you’re looking for an incredible indica to relax your body and elevate your mind, slice off a piece of Ice Cream Cake!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The nugs of this strain are beautiful! They err on the small side and are densely packed. The buds are olive green with purple hues that provide a stunning contrast. Orange pistils also poke their way throughout the buds. Lastly, this strain stays true to its name with an incredibly thick layer of sticky trichomes.

As you’d expect, this strain has a deliciously mouthwatering aroma! The fragrance is creamy, with bursts of vanilla and just a hint of cheese. On the inhale, users will experience a sweet, creamy, and honey-like flavour with a dash of nuttiness. This strain tastes so good that you’ll wonder if some users are just in it for the flavour! In any case, it’s true what they say, I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Cake!

Just like when you were a kid, Ice Cream Cake has a delightfully sweet effect. However, this is reserved just for the grown-ups! Users will likely experience an initial head rush of joy and relaxation. You’ll feel your worries, stress and anxieties melt in the best possible way. This euphoria is excellent for individual use or small groups.

However, don’t expect to have a ton of energy to come with it. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, after all! The high will soon transition into a sedative body buzz. Once this relaxation sinks deeper, it may be time to think about finding a comfy place to settle in or rest your head. Snoozy times will soon set it!

But the sweet effects of this strain don’t stop there! This hybrid is all about giving your medical conditions their just desserts. With its sedative properties, Ice Cream Cake is great for easing insomnia. Its relaxing qualities also make it effective for treating migraines, muscle soreness and pain. Finally, its uplifting, mood-boosting effects are excellent for reducing anxiety and depression.

Ice Cream Cake Medical Benefits 

Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Soreness, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Appetite Stimulation

43 reviews for Ice Cream Cake

  1. JoséLaRacaille

    This is not the most beautifull looking weed but the taste is good and the high was great too. Recommend it

  2. mangematouffe

    God damnnn not the best for the look , but really nice flavor and strong high

  3. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  4. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  5. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  6. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  7. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  8. patrick.viau

    This was awesome stuff!!! One of the best I’ve smoked from HA

  9. thecharettes

    Nose: The nose had a tiny bit of that sweet ice cream smell, but I mostly got a musky spiciness from it. It was almost like a breath strain. It was more pungent with the sweetness when I opened it up.
    Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was great, and it was not sticky.
    Taste: I got some of a baking spiciness and an herbal spiciness. It wasn’t crazy pungent.
    Burn: The burn was great. The ash was light, it gave lots of smoke and it burnt well.
    Potency/Effects: I didn’t get much of a hit from it, but I could feel it building up. It took a bit for it to fully build up and it wasn’t crazy heavy. I had a relaxing all over buzz in my body and my head and it would be good for anytime of the day and evening.
    Overall score – 9.2/10
    You can watch the video review:
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  10. SatTech85

    very appealing bud. looks awesome. trimmed and cured perfectly. but for me. I’m very picky about taste. and tend to dislike the UN-kushy taste phenotypes of strains

  11. Venimeux

    Le meilleur ICC que j’ai rencontré jusqu’à maintenant. Puissant, crémeux, doux et tout simplement merveilleux!😋. Fortement recommandé. Merci aux artisans qui ont fait pousser ce cannabis et un gros merci HA!🤘

  12. trapdaniel2011

    My girlfriend really loves this stuff and so do I. Super poitent 10/10

  13. petethepimp_11

    This strain taste amazing and is incredibly potent.

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