Island Sweet Skunk

THC 17-19%CBD 0-1%

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Island Sweet Skunk is a mind-blowing sativa-dominant hybrid! A modification of Skunk #1, this hybrid holds the skunk lineage with pride. With strong tropical fruit notes and energizing effects, Island Sweet Skunk will invigorate your senses and boost your mood to boot!


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Island Sweet Skunk Strain Information

With a name like Island Sweet Skunk, you know you’re in for something interesting! This sativa-dominant hybrid comes from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. It also goes by the titles of ISS or Sweet Island Skunk. Growers Federation Seeds initially bred Island Sweet Skunk. Don’t confuse it with Sweet Skunk from Spice of Life. The hybrid is heavily influenced by the Skunk #1 strain and a 1970’s California Skunk strain called Sweet Skunk.

The Sweet Skunk seeds were originally brought to Federation Seeds by a Vietnam veteran. Later, growers crossed them with an unknown sativa to create this dank bud.

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway with a bit of skunk, this strain is your one-way ticket to paradise!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The delightful light green buds are tight and compact. Pale orange pistils poke their way out of the dense, stout flowers. This BC bud is also covered with a generous layer of sticky trichomes.

The aroma is unlike any other! It will almost instantly fill a room with its unique tropical scent. This sativa-dominant hybrid smells of fresh grapefruit mixed with a strong skunky scent that will remind you of all sorts of citrus fruits. It’ll be as though you were transported to a tropical paradise!

Luckily, the taste reflects its name. No mysteries here! This strain offers a sweet yet skunky flavour with undertones of grapefruit. Its creamy smoke will remind users of citrus and tropical fruits and a hint of pine. Some users describe the flavour as tasting like a piña colada stirred with a pine branch. The flavour will likely linger and leave a sweet aftertaste.

Along with its unique flavour, this bud is an awesome mood booster! You’ll be channelling the classic ‘no worries’ BC attitude in no time as your worries and stress melt away. This hybrid is also fantastic for giving you a spurt of energy. It can perk up your afternoon better than a cup of coffee ever could!

Island Sweet Skunk will supply a euphoria that will last you throughout the high. It will also help inspire your creative side and help you be more focused and productive. On top of the positive head high, the effects will also follow up with a soft and relaxing body buzz.

Island Sweet Skunk is also a multi-talented medical strain! Its upbeat euphoria will help you feel more relaxed. These effects make it excellent for combatting stress, anxiety and depression. Its energizing properties also help with fatigue. With its pleasant body buzz, Island Sweet Skunk has proven to effectively fight chronic pain, headaches, and achy muscles.

Island Sweet Skunk Medical Benefits 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Headaches

42 reviews for Island Sweet Skunk

  1. suzannedoucette738

    Very good, nice high!

  2. rampcontroller

    I feel like I’m in the Bahamas, my fav place !

  3. budhole22

    decent mellow sativa and great tropical taste

  4. ChronMan

    Great strain for the price – very fruity and tropical + great in both joints or the bong

  5. Pfkiks

    Fantastic all around great smoke

  6. salesse-2915

    This strain is chill, its a little weaker but still very nice. If its on sale or cheaper its a good grab for a decent sativa that’s not crazy strong. Good for outdoor activities

  7. tripaces420

    Great for outdoor activities…mowing the lawn, hikes, bike ride etc

  8. FRZ3639

    Dank and sweet, this is delicious and what I was looking for seeing the word Skunk once its lit.

  9. FRZ3639

    Dank and sweet, this is delicious and what I was looking for seeing the word Skunk.

  10. tctc181818


  11. tctc181818

    great strain! perfect for anything outdoors.

  12. pelehoscrystal

    Super nice taste and effects. 5 🌟

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