Jet Fuel

THC 17-19%CBD 0-1%

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The cerebral intensity of Jet Fuel will give you a supersonic edge when it comes to tackling the day! Low on energy? No sweat. Need a good laugh? Sorted. Jet Fuel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s got you covered on all fronts!


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Jet Fuel Strain Information

Like a ristretto at breakfast, Jet Fuel, aka G6, Jet Fuel OG or Jet Fuel Kush, will set you off for the day! Originally bred by 303 Seeds, this strain is a potent hybrid of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel strains. Its cerebral high and potent smell make this bud an absolute must-have for all sativa lovers.

THC levels of this strain reach upwards of 20%. In other words, it packs a serious punch! So much so, in fact, that Jet Fuel is often thought of as the “Cocaine of Cannabis.” Euphoria-inducing, energizing and highly motivating. Jet Fuel is a perfect strain for diving headfirst into creative tasks!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Jet Fuel goes by many names. Examples include G6, Jet Fuel OG or Jet Fuel Kush. No matter what you call it, this sativa hybrid provides intense cerebral effects.

Half a joint down, and you’ll see why! This strain comes at you full force. Much like its namesake, it won’t take this strain long to shift your mind into 10th gear!

The charm of this high-spirited strain begins with its appealing appearance! Marked by its coned buds, Jet Fuel‘s structure comes from its dank weed diesel parent. It has earthy green leaves spattered with orange and maroon pistils. Sticky icky and trichome dense, this strain is in a realm of its own creation.

If you thought its buds were enticing, wait until you get a whiff of its smell! Jet Fuel buds release a sweet tang of gasoline when busted apart. It’s like a bikers bouquet! As with its effects, this strain’s smell is potent and recognizable anywhere. Discreet tokers beware. This pungent flower won’t want to lay low. So, if you want to hide your high, you may be in for a worthy contender!

It’s also delicious, especially if you’re a fan of the Diesel strains! Much like its mama, Jet Fuel packs a fuel-like punch that comes through on the inhale of its smoke. You may also notice distinct flavours of earth and pine. Its unique flavour will fuel you to take off and soar among the clouds!

It won’t take long for Jet Fuel to set up shop and make itself at home in your head. That is, once you’re past the initial skunky mouthful and you’ve had yourself a glass of water. Like with most sativas, you’ll feel a gentle pressure around your eyes and temples. A rush of energy follows up this sensation.

After a couple of tokes of Jet Fuel, mowing the lawn might not seem like such a bad idea! With its mind-racing high, this hybrid is a no-brainer when it comes to daytime use. It can add a much-needed spark to some of those mundane daily tasks and gets creative ideas flowing. With this in mind, Jet Fuel Strain makes for an excellent wake and bake option on the weekends!

Jet Fuel has also been guilty of sending its users into fits of giggles. Therefore this heavenly hybrid is an excellent choice for afternoons spent with friends. You can let those giggles run free and make the most of the social vibe!

This wild card keeps your mind buzzing, but your body will start to lose power as you get further into the Jet Fuel high. The OG father of this strain comes through with the heavy body high. It’s not quite couch-locking for users, but you will find that you’ve run out of gas.

This strain is full of energetic character and powers of relaxation. As such, it’s a great strain choice for chronic fatigue, migraines or depression. With its uplifting euphoria, it’s also helpful with symptoms of depression and stress.

In more ways than one, this happy-go-lucky hybrid is a fantastic go-to strain to lighten the load!


Medical Benefits:

Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Stress, Migraines

7 reviews for Jet Fuel

  1. Pfkiks

    Solid bud, good for the golf game, apparently 😎

  2. CowboyJ

    Love it! Love it! Such a nice, uplifting smoke. Haha makes my wife talk a mile a minute

  3. emailretail7

    I really liked this strain. Quite peppy as the name suggests. Potency levels edge into the high territory but smell and taste are just slightly less intense than I hoped.

  4. thunderhawk

    Great sativa, balanced without being too energetic, contrary to the name.

  5. miccheck1-2

    Looks good, smells alright but it’s not as strong as I expecting.

  6. Brent Polstra

    What big buds!!! Will buy again

  7. Steveo

    A1 it’s a good strain to start the day with

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