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Lavender Jones

THC 31-33%CBD 0-1%

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Live a life of luxury with Lavender Jones! This sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for experiencing the best that a well-balanced hybrid has to offer. Feel the stress and tension leave your body. Elevate your mind and mood to new heights. With Lavender Jones, you don’t have to compromise!


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Lavender Jones Strain Information

Say hello to lovely lady lavender! Lavender Jones is a sativa-leaning hybrid. Its original breeder remains shrouded in mystery. However, many tokers are dead-set that this lovely lass is a cross between Purple Urkle and Casey Jones strains. Also known as Purple Jones, Lavender Jones is as beautiful to look at as it is to smoke! A legend in the making, Lavender Jones has quickly become a fan favourite for relaxing both body and mind.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Lavender Jones displays a lot of characteristics of a standard sativa. But it’s stunning just the same! The nugs are long and pepper-shaped. Its colours range from mint to forest green. Long, wiry brown pistils cover much of the buds’ surface. They weave themselves throughout the flower. The beautiful Lavender Jones flower is also coated with an even layer of oversized white trichomes.  

This strain is naturally fragrant. It will make you think of a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers! This hybrid’s aroma is a mix of earthy and floral notes. Users will likely notice sweet and potent hints of lavender. There are also scents of delicious grapes. These, in particular, are inherited from its alleged parent strain Purple Urkle. 

In terms of flavour, this strain is as tasty as it gets! Users will immediately appreciate its delightfully sweet and earthy flavours. You’ll taste notes of sweet grape on the inhale. There is also a noticeable floral undertone. On the exhale, you’ll pick up on a sweet lavender taste. This flavour will stick around long after you’ve exhaled. 

Much like the herb it’s named after, Lavender Jones delivers a fresh, upbeat high. It takes dreamy to a whole other level! The onset of the high is calm and mellow. Before you know it, your body and mind will be entirely at ease! The sativa-dominant nature of Lavender Jones comes to light through its uplifting head high. It’s an ideal strain for kicking back and unwinding. Lavender Jones will make you feel euphoric and happy. Not to mention super chatty! This last effect is why it makes such an awesome strain to enjoy with friends. This strain is a social smoke that will have you vibing with buds as you toke on some bud! 

Since this strain is quite mentally active, it’s best to avoid using it at night. The Lavender Jones vibe is more wake and bake or daytime use. 

Lavender Jones is just as popular in the medical community as it is recreational! This hybrid is ideal for de-stressing at the end of the day. Its relaxing properties make it great for treating chronic pain, migraines and inflammation. It’s also effective for combatting nausea and stimulating appetite. Its uplifting and happy effects are also effective for temporarily treating depression.

Lavender Jones Medical Benefits 

Stress, Pain, Migraines, Inflammation, Nausea, Appetite Stimulation, Depression

11 reviews for Lavender Jones

  1. Rskelly83

    Easily the nicest flower I’ve ever encountered. Nothing smells like it, feels like it or tastes like it. I actually got “high”. Which isn’t a regular occurrence after twenty+ years of regular use. This is pure quality.

  2. jonathan-jalbert

    favorite buds hands down! love EVERYTHING about it

  3. niaangel

    Super pungent sweet citrus sour smell but gets the job done!!

  4. somethingsfishie

    Stinky tasty looks amazing. Very nice high.

  5. Stoner

    One of the most Amazing Buds I have ever Seen and Smoked…
    I am a seasoned weed lover !!!!
    This is a must try in a smoker’s lifetime !!!

  6. jeyro917

    Can’t go wrong with this one! You definitely feel that citrusy and sweet flavor profile from her Casey Jones genetics!
    Amazing AAAA Sativa bud!

  7. jonathan-jalbert

    The taste and odor is just perfect!

  8. cdath1987

    amazing terpenes but the bud was damp out of the package… hard to pull a hit off a joint.

  9. littlehammerhead25

    Very nice taste the was what I needed to help me sleep

  10. Devon-1998

    Super relaxing strain, would definitely recommend for night time smoking!

  11. Anthony

    Amazing floral taste and a great strain to slowly wind down the night. This is a wonderful strain for a nightcap. Incredibly relaxing.

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