Mango Haze

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Puff on a piece of paradise with Mango Haze! This sativa-dominant hybrid is a refreshing taste of tropical bliss. You, too, can have it all – enticing bag appeal, delicious aroma and a dreamlike high. With such appealing qualities, what’s not to love! Have it your way with Mango Haze!


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Mango Haze Strain Information

Enjoy a taste of the tropics with Mango Haze! This sweet yet sassy sativa-dominant hybrid is the invention of Mr. Nice Seeds. It’s so delicious that it has three parent strains! Mango Haze is the lovechild of legendary strains Northern Lights #5, Skunk and Haze. These genes combine to create a fresh, tropical aroma and flavour and a dreamy, euphoric high. With THC ranging from 15 to 19%, it also has the potency to boot! If you’re looking for a strain that’s the full package, Mango Haze is on the case!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Just one look, and you’ll notice that Mango Haze has some serious bag appeal! This hybrid has large, elongated buds. Its flowers are an extended spade shape. They almost look like oversized pinecones! The leaves are a standard sativa structure. They are loose and easily torn off their central stems. The soft, fluffy leaves are a bright shade of spring green. Threaded throughout the buds are delightful orange and yellow pistils. Finally, a translucent layer of amber trichomes covers the leaves. This feature gives the flowers a pretty golden sheen.

Luckily, the smell of Mango Haze is in its name! This hybrid has a distinct mango aroma. This scent also features some skunky sweetness and earthy undertones. The nose knows it smells fantastic! When ground up, the buds release a rich and spicy incense smell. The flavour is just as good, if not better! This is arguably one of the tastiest strains out there. It has delicious tropical citrus and fruity mango flavours. Paired with its earthy haze undertone, the smoke is both sweet and hashy on the exhale.

For many, the Mango Haze high starts slow. It creeps up over several minutes. When it hits, users will feel uplifted and energized. These qualities can also contribute to enhanced creativity and focus. Some may find themselves feeling chatty. This strain is excellent for social occasions. For users looking to be more active, Mango Haze can also add a boost of energy for daily tasks. Soon, a body buzz will join the head high. Users will feel their bodies start to relax, and the high becomes more laidback and restful. Don’t worry. You won’t feel sleepy! Mango Haze is ideal for unwinding in the late afternoon or evening without dozing off. In the right setting, this hybrid may also trigger some mellow introspection.

Mango Haze also has many medical uses! Its uplifting effects are great for treating symptoms of depression and stress. Its physical qualities also help treat pain. It can also help with migraines, headaches, nausea and fatigue.

Mango Haze Medical Benefits 

Depression, Stress, Pain, Migraines, Headaches, Fatigue, Nausea, Muscle Spasms

9 reviews for Mango Haze

  1. nfisher

    Definitely a mellow mango taste and smell . Fresh and pure smoke arrived super fresh , big buds ! Fun affordable smoke

  2. harley.allen.189

    I haven’t smoked this yet but I did open the bag to smell it. It smells amazing, very fruity and not skunky at all. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  3. CowboyJ

    Absolutely love this smoke! Smooth tasting, nice uplifting effects, great day time high!

  4. BudHole22

    Ordered this one twice now, such a lovely smelling & tasting sativa – it’s a must try

  5. Herbk

    Beautiful flower and smell

  6. jose.tavares

    great day time high

  7. yanostyle

    Tasty , smell Good !! I recommanded for sure ?

  8. ska654

    Once vaped, a very cerebral buzz emerge. Really tropical taste! Will order again

  9. bilalkhan12

    Uplifting, gives you confidence, and gets you up and moving
    strong tropical smell

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