OG Kush

THC 25-27%CBD 0-1%

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Believe it or not, getting your hands on the OG strain of OG Kush is a whole lot harder than most people expect. Knockoffs, hybrids, and ancestors of OG Kush are readily available – but this is one of the few shots most people have at getting OG Kush itself.


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OG Kush Strain Information

While it’s a little bit hard to track down the origins of OG Kush, what we do know for sure is that it came out of the cannabis culture in California when they were really leading the charge and changing the game completely. Some have argued that OG Kush is a combination of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and a Hindu Kush but nothing is certain.

What is certain, though, is that OG Kush is an OG strain. 

Wondering what does OG mean? While there are many definitions ranging from “ocean grown” to “overgrown,” OG is most often understood to mean “Original Gangsta,” a term popularized by legendary MC Ice T to describe legendary weed. 

If a strain has this title, then many people consider it to be a strain worthy of attention. In this case, it’s the most original of OG strains! 

With a THC content of between 20% and 25% on average, it isn’t the total hammer that some of the more high test options on the market today can be but its terpene profile and effects can still put you on your backside if you’re not careful!


There’s a lot of earthiness coming out of the OG Kush strain that is really a landmark of this cannabis strain variety.

As a unique hybrid between three different strains, its aroma is a complex mix between gassy fuel, pungent skunk and aromatic spice. Since this strain is often used for hybridization, every single strain that descends from OG Kush has this same skunky and spicy earthiness, a sort of dank, damp, dark earth sort of aroma that is instantly recognizable.  

Notes of lemon citrus can be detected in this aroma, too, with a little bit of pine sprinkled into the mix as well

If you’re getting hit with a lot of upfront aroma out of OG Kush, though, it’s a great sign that your buds are sticky and the potency is dank! 


A lot of those same aromas help to add some complexity to the flavour of OG Kush. You’re going to get that earthy, dank sort of flavour right out of the gate. But you’re also going to get a bit of spice and a bit of pepper into the mix, too.

The smoke has a bite that a lot of other Kush strains don’t, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s a little bit like the smoke you’d expect to get off of a barbecue. At the end of the day, all of those earthy flavours are intertwined with citrus, lemon-lime, fruity sort of flavours that round everything out quite nicely without being overpowering.


OG Kush nugs have a unique and dense indica-like structure, which is kind of wild considering the fact that this is a sativa-dominant hybrid that we’re looking at here.

The buds themselves are generally medium to larger-sized nugget-looking buds, chunky and heavy. The leaves are a green-yellow sort of blend with just a little bit of purple in the backend as well – though if it’s grown colder temperatures, there’s going to be a lot more purple.

Orange patches swim around the bud on the females, helping to send the silvery-white sugar looking of the trichomes into the stratosphere. The whole thing just looks fantastic. OG Kush is definitely photogenic!

OG Kush Effects 

OG Kush has powerful, relaxing and uplifting effects that help you unwind and relax without locking you to your couch.

The high begins with a cerebral head-rush that ramps up your sounds and colours really being ramped up and amplified. That gives way to gentle euphoria that just makes you sort of settle in, and then you’re going to be free of all stress, worry, and anxiety.

THC Content

OG Kush isn’t a real THC nuclear bomb by nature, settling in between 22% and 25% THC most of the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong! Its terpene profile and effects hit hard and hit fast. If you only pay attention to its THC levels, you’ll be in for a rude awakening! 

Medical Benefits

For medical marijuana users, OG Kush is known to offer relief from depression, migraines and anxiety. It can also help deal with disorders such as ADHD. As this potent strain boosts energy and increases focus, it is suitable for daytime use. But, it is also equally enjoyable in the evenings for relaxation. 

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This world-famous strain is a must try classic for any user in the cannabis scene. This strain has been known to drastically improve ones mood and mental stimulation to make it a very social strain, that’s great for stimulating conversations and activities that enhance the mind and body.

56 reviews for OG Kush

  1. pelehoscrystal

    5 star great product

  2. Litapita68

    Smooth smoke, brings the stress level right down ⬇️

  3. C3PO

    My #1 favorite strain to smoke all day, any day. Amazing quality too

  4. mphiggins25

    Loved this strain, don’t miss out!

  5. dawson_trotman-5201

    Ordered on a daily deal, the buds were still wrapped in leaves which was fine for the price, I assume full price the buds would b more finely trimmed for 140/oz tho, this is a very nice smoke … I just self trimmed and saved the leaves for tea! Haha

  6. tony4256

    First time i get it since it was on sale .The nugs are fairly dense with a piney smell and covered in orange hairs and crystals. Overall it looked like the definition of DANK, But the high was something else, kicks in within a few minutes followed by euphoria and body buzz, powerful high. A MUST TRY!! its a beautiful strain!

  7. morenopokrajac

    One of my fav indicas. Came so 🔥

  8. adamblacoe

    Pretty good smoke, get in when its on sale

  9. jamiemay99

    Hi potency. Tasted awesome. Sticky and sweet. Takes very little to get high. Would order again.

  10. Trevor C

    Excellent smoke, lasted a long time and got me where I needed to be!

  11. amelie.laventure

    Personally not a 100% in with the taste, but it is according to description! It is smooth to smoke, gets me relaxed but not too much, i can still do my things instead of being glued to the couch. Product arrived super fresh.

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