Orange Cookies

THC 19-21%CBD 0-1%

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With such a mouthwatering name, Orange Cookies is a must-try! This flavour-focused hybrid is potent and playful. Make no mistake about it. Orange Cookies is one of the best-tasting strains. Not only that, but its effects are equally delicious to boot!


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Orange Cookies Strain Information

Orange juice and cookies may seem like an odd combination. With Orange Cookies, it’s a match made in heaven! You really can’t go wrong with this flavour-focused indica-dominant hybrid. Orange Cookies is a cross between parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Juice. This strain has it all! Stunning bag appeal, potent THC concentration, delicious flavour and more. It’s no wonder it won 2nd Best Hybrid Flower in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup.

With Orange Cookies, you’re in for a tasty and tantalizing treat! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

We weren’t lying when we said that this strain has some serious bag appeal! You can expect densely packed, medium-sized hair buds. Its leaves are bright green with pops of pretty purple hues. Vibrant orange pistils contrast the colourful flowers. There’s no denying the high resin count! Just one look and you’ll see a generous coating of milky-white trichomes. This sticky layer makes the buds difficult to break apart by hand. So, it’s best to use a reliable weed grinder

Smell and flavour are two of this strain’s crowning achievements! This bud has a sweet yet spicy scent. When broken up, the buds release a distinct earthy aroma with a peppery herbal kick. All this blends together with an overpowering fruity smell of citrus. This winning combination produces one of the best-smelling strains you can get! That said, it doesn’t stop at smelling fantastic. This strain tastes great, too! This strain’s flavours are just as much part of the experience as its effects. This dank bud has a sugary-sweet flavour. Its key feature is the tropical, fruity flavour of tangy orange. 

It won’t take long to feel this dank bud take hold. Its effects come on fast! Users will feel a buzzy, energetic tingle in their heads. This rush soon comes with a noticeable body high that is relaxing without being too heavy. As the effects settle in, users may feel motivated and more thoughtful than usual. You may also experience an uptick in creativity. This strains indica-genetics may make some users feel more grounded, as well. With its well-rounded effects, Orange Cookies suits a wide range of activities. Whether you want to be active and exercise or pursue creative projects. Orange Cookies is there for you! This hybrid is a pleasurable wake and bake strain. It also works as a relaxing smoke to unwind in the afternoon or at night. There’s no wrong time to use it. That’s the beauty of this flower! 

With such versatility, this strain makes for an effective medical strain. At the top of the list is stress relief. Orange Cookies can change a mood from negative to positive real quick! These effects are great for stress, anxiety and depression. The relaxing physical properties can help relieve aches and pains. When taken in higher doses, Orange Cookies can also help with sleep and insomnia. Some users also report helping with nausea and appetite loss. 

Orange Cookies Medical Benefits 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Nausea, Appetite Loss 

2 reviews for Orange Cookies

  1. Pete lafeet

    Glad I picked some up before they sold out,nice daytime or evening for me

  2. lindseytyllerhorst

    I didn’t exactly buy enough to get a real feel for this strain, but from what I got it is pretty decent. An ok taste, high is ok as well but doesn’t last too long

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