Pink Champagne

THC 18-22%CBD 0-1%


The buzz lands behind the eyes and emanates outwards, making this a suitable strain for patients suffering from migraines and physical discomfort.




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Pink Champagne Strain Information

Pink Champagne, a sedative beauty, combines Granddaddy Purple and Cherry Pie. The strain with many faces, Pink Champagne also goes by the name Wow Kush, Raspberry Kush or Ken’s Phantom. It’s also confused with its sister strain, Phantom Cookies. While also a potent descendent of Grand Daddy Purple and Cherry Pie, Pink Champagne leans indica!

The strain is a delicious strain to kick back with. Boasting a terpene profile like no other, it will leave you feeling like you’ve had a long sip of bubbles.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Following in Granddaddy Purple’s footsteps, this strain has both flavour and potency.

Pink Champagne’s pungent flowers tend to be on the smaller side, held together like dense, sticky, popcorn. Bright green nugs with dashes of purple and amber trichomes make this strain pop.

This strain is famous for its berry flavour profile and its dank, skunky aroma. Flavours of blueberries, grapes, and cherries waft through the air as soon as the bag opens. With such a great bag appeal, you might not notice the dank, skunky aroma hiding underneath!

If the skunky strains aren’t for you, don’t let that put you off! Pink Champagne is smooth on the throat and will impress when it sends fruity smoke swirls into your mouth on the inhale!

Because of its pungent nature and a need to stand out, this strain is not one to be discreet. If you’re trying to keep it on the down-low, plan accordingly because this strain is pungent!

When it comes to the potency of this strain, it’s up there with the front-runners. Novices and newbies, go easy! Coming in with a 20% THC content, the indica characteristics of this strain make it an ideal nightcap. Users tend to feel a heavy buzz behind the eyes within a couple of minutes after the first few tokes.

The warm and weighty high starts from the top. From the head, it works its way to your toes – kneading the muscles until they’re free of tension. The Pink Champagne is a fast-acting flavour-bomb that’ll bring giggles and bliss at the same time!

However, couchlock is to be expected, and it’ll happen fast! So keep the snacks handy, because you won’t be roaming off far!

Finally, with its lazy vibe, sedative effects and relaxing properties, Pink Champagne is big on therapy. Many users worldwide use this strain to manage migraines, chronic pain and stress. Also, since it hits hard and fast, Pink Champagne is the perfect pre-sleep herb for anyone struggling with insomnia!

Pink Champagne Medical Benefits:

Migraines, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Depression.

12 reviews for Pink Champagne

  1. chad.ashe

    Amazing bud, nothing like it… worth every penny!


    wow tout simplement. odeur, consistance, gout, buzz, tout y était

  3. jeyro917

    The force is strong with this one, you can definitely feel the Pink parentage in both smell and taste. Highly recommended AAAA strain!

  4. egonbenway

    Like a daytime hybrid indica. Nice little nugs

  5. Hot_sauce

    Smooth clean smoke. Got a good mellow chilled out high.

  6. chukee.akennz

    Thoroughly enjoyed most of the organic lineup HA has. Organic strains were all more potent that I would have originally expected.

  7. hisairness23forever

    bud is nice and dense with a decent taste. was a subtle lasting high. def good for daytime high

  8. natikabruce

    A bit rough but great bud for the price. Good high and taste

  9. Mr pat

    Tasty and for a hundo can’t complain

  10. madinardo

    such a good price for that quality. Will rebuy for sure

  11. jim_rules08

    nice nugs..not bad stone

  12. Gabriel

    Happy to try this budget bud , great deal i know this is gonna be great thanks looking forward to more budget bud like this

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