Pink Sumo

THC 29-32%CBD 0-1%

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Pink Sumo strain origins are unknown but many speculate that Pink Kush and Sumo OG are involved. This collaboration isn’t hard to believe. Its 30% THC potency is only achievable through superior genetics, after all!


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Pink Sumo Strain Information

You want Sumo this? Large and in charge, this indica-dominant hybrid is here to push all of your worries, troubles and pain out of the ring. Sporting a whopping 29-32% THC content, Pink Sumo is a champion in the ring and will soon win over your heart! Able to alleviate anxiety, pain stress and many more ailments, this strain is one sparring partner you’ll want to have for life! Be sure to try this AAAA Craft Collection strain before it’s gone!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

If you were hoping to see some pink nugs, we’re sorry to disappoint. Although this strain is certainly colourful, you won’t see any pink hues here with this strain! The exact origins of this strain are unknown but many speculate that Pink Kush and Sumo OG are involved. This collaboration isn’t hard to believe. Its 30% THC potency is only achievable through superior genetics, after all!

While its strength and potency are definite draws, Pink Sumo isn’t just a champion in the ring. One look at its nugs and you’ll notice that it was destined to reign. As a hybrid indica, this strain has classically chunky nugs that are short and stalky. 

The leaves are medium-green with fiery-red pistils contrasting against the foliage. On the surface, a dense layer of kief covers this strain to prepare it for battle! Based on appearances alone, Pink Sumo has everything it takes to conquer its opponents, but let’s explore its aroma and flavour, first!

Don’t let its tough exterior fool you, this strain is a softy underneath. Open the bag and you’ll understand what we mean. While the bag appeal is amazing, what’ll blow you away is the aroma of sweet flowers and tangy citrus. Pink Sumo is totally zen, and its aromas speak to that tranquillity. The terpenes linalool as well as limonene reign large here, and their effects translate well into the flavour, too.

On the first toke, smooth, sweet smoke that’s reminiscent of flowers and honey will coat and cover your mouth. On the exhale, the sweet, sharp, tangy flavour of citrus undercuts the sweetness to a flavour that’s just like a Japanese confection. Subtly sweet and simply delicious.

While its flavours are amazing, Pink Sumo truly performs with its effects. With such incredible potency, this strain is definitely not for novice smokers! The effects begin with a euphoric head rush that transports them to a place of pure zen. Stress, anxiety and any otherworldly concern simply do not exist in this plane. 

However, the cerebral effects only last for so long. As the high progress, you’ll feel an intense body high set in. Your body will start to feel incredibly light but incredibly heavy, too. While not exactly sedating, your body will feel “free” from all of its worldly shackles. Your pain, muscle tension and inflammation will melt away, leaving you in perfect stillness.

This strain’s strong effects make it perfect for medical patients as well as recreational users looking for relief from their physical and mental ailments. It’s a great nightcap before bed and can help patients suffering from insomnia achieve a restful sleep!

Pink Sumo Medical Benefits

Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Stress

15 reviews for Pink Sumo

  1. myanbip2

    Pink Sumo
    Company: Herb Approach
    Website: herbapproach.org

    This is some of the tastiest herb I’ve had in 2021 so far!!! Always hunting for herb like this!

    Tight,sticky,moist well trimmed and cured mostly lime green with forest green bleeding throughout and some copper color within! Covered in small short light orange almost reddish hairs with some decent crystal coverage(caked in some areas but good coverage) and short fuzzy trichomes that slightly shine when light hits the bud. Smell is next level and very unique!hot_face100 pungent pure sweet candy with creamy cheesy notes and hints of gas in the background that makes such a refreshing and amazing aroma!! Taste is amazing and complex! Super sweet candylollipop and orange citrus with some refreshing gas, this herb will keep you guessing! Smooth resinous slow burning with a nice oil ring and an almost white ash. High is great im feeling very happy/euphoric,relaxed, drowsy and find myself drifting in deep thought. Excellent herb overall! Easily the tastiest herb I’ve reviewed this year and nice and potent on top of that. I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking or easily using as a sleep aid

  2. jeyro917

    The bomb! Taste, high and looks are all worthy of an excellent AAAA! One of my favourite craft collection strains so far.

  3. miccheck1-2

    4* interesting strain this one. Not my favourite. It was grown well though.

  4. danny.provalone1

    It’s like pink kush but a lot more relaxed. But not. It’s a great strain.

  5. Allison

    Pink Sumo, More uplifting . More motivating too. Focused and creative. Highly recommend.

  6. K.J 00

    Great for helping to wind down for bed. Love the burn and hit.

  7. Daryl

    This is the first strain that I’ve tried and actually able to handle. Great quality and nice burn.

  8. M.John11

    nice smell and great high!! smoke a j and here just feeling fantastic

  9. The President

    I feel fire on this Pink Sumo strain, in my heart in my soul, I could go far.. Somewhere far way..

  10. Dave87

    one hit of this Pink Sumo shit and my nerves relax. Highly recommended.

  11. Grimshaw

    Great for just chillin and not doing a damn thing but relaxing!

  12. MAllen

    Beautiful!!! Really enjoy this one!

  13. niaangel

    This is one of my favourite strain from the craft collection.
    The taste of it kind of reminds me of orange crush soda. It has a sweet taste. The strain has a pungent pine, berry and peppery smell. You don’t need to fully open the bag to smell it. The smoke is thick and heavy. You don’t need much to feel it working.
    Highly recommend.

  14. 420 4eve

    One of the best quality strains.

  15. morenopokrajac

    🔥 5 star weed

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