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Purple Magic

THC 22-25%CBD 0-1%


You don’t need black magic to feel your best – just pick up some Purple Magic, instead! An indica-dominant hybrid strain with 20-25% THC on average, this strain works its magic quickly to calm, uplift and relax its users. Experience the cotton candy-like taste of this Organic Cannabis strain today!


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Purple Magic Strain Information

The Purple Magic strain, also known as “Purple Majik,” is a rare, indica-leaning hybrid strain of mysterious origin. Delivering an average THC potency between 20 and 25% and a delicious suite of insanely sweet and fruity candy flavours, this strain is all smoke and no mirrors. Experience the magic touch of this organic cannabis strain today!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Coming at you straight from the wizarding world, the Purple Magic strain is a truly magical bud. A hard-to-find combination of the classic Heirloom Purple and the Mandarin Sunset strains, Purple Magic is a silver bullet for fatigue, depression, and anxiety. In order to understand this strain, let’s begin with its appearance.

As its name suggests, Purple Magik has fluffy, spade-shaped buds that are olive-green and deeply purple. While purple weed hues are the main feature, bright orange hairs and a layer of thick purple-white trichomes complete the look. Appearances aren’t this strain’s strong suit, but its flavour and aroma are!

What does this strain smell and taste like? As soon as you open the bag, the distinct smell of juicy fruit and cotton candy will hit your nose. If you’re especially astute, you’ll be able to smell notes of savory diesel, too!

The smell alone will make you feel as if you were transported back into the candy shop of your youth. In addition to this strain’s alluring aroma, Purple Magic might also be the best tasting smoke you’ll taste. Sweet candy, juicy fruit and just a hint of gas combine to create a flavour that’s truly magical.

However, the high it delivers is when this bud truly works its magic! If you’re feeling tired and stressed after a long, tiring day, this Purple Magic’s indica dominant genetics are perfect for helping you relax and kickback. Additionally, its sativa effects ensure that you’re energized, upbeat, and won’t drift off into sleep! The experience begins with a calming body high that starts at the head and slowly makes it way down the rest of the body. Once your limbs are free of tension and stress, the head high kicks in to uplift your spirits, mood, and focus.

With such a great mix of relaxing and uplifting effects, this strain is ideal for treating fatigue, depression, chronic stress, and anxiety.

Purple Magic Medical Benefits

Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Mood Swings, Stress

11 reviews for Purple Magic

  1. fry420x

    I was disappointed with this one. All purple, no magic.

  2. jeyro917

    Amazing terpene profile on this one! Nice strong effect with a nice arousing happening every time I consumed it, so perfect before sexy time with your loved one! Very nice!

  3. aP

    First time trying Organic, and was pleasantly suprised! Has some real taste to it, and smokes extremely smooth.

    Interested in trying more Organic strains now, but again love the look and taste! Can’t go wrong on sale either!

  4. keep1rolled

    Yo connoisseurs, this one is very much worth a shot!!

  5. albertarigger0283

    Smoke was smooth, flavour was great, high was strong but not heavy if that makes any sense. Great social setting smoke.

  6. Miles_Hagg

    Very heady, but relaxing, uplifted my mood

  7. shane.j.riley.86

    I was expecting a bit more trichomes on the buds however with that being said it’s not a bad strain overall. It has a fruity flavour profile that leaves a nice aftertaste. Medium high from this strain , not to bad overall.

  8. fry420x

    “Indica dominant” is right; KO!

  9. petethepimp_11

    Has a very nice smell, a decent buzz but the taste isn’t great and the smoke was rough.

  10. chukee.akennz

    Did not think it would have been this potent with it being an organic strain. I will not underestimate organic strains again after this.

  11. hisairness23forever

    Amazing bud with a fruity taste and high potency. Offered the desired high will def reorder.

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