Purple Voodoo

THC 12-16%CBD 0-1%

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Here to work its magic on you, Purple Voodoo activates the mind and peaks your energy levels! Its powerful cerebral punch makes it a top pick when it comes to creativity-inducing strains. In other words, prepare to be enchanted as Purple Voodoo entices and activates your mind!


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Purple Voodoo Strain Information

Whether you believe in magic or not, there is no denying that the spirit is very much alive with Purple Voodoo.

This enchanting hybrid is a descendent of the purp family. It’s a 3 strain mix of Purple Doja, Purple Urkle, and Purple Diesel. Shout out to California Bean Bank for creating this unique strain! It’s easy to see why this voodoo child is so widely loved!

Purple Voodoo has made a name for itself in its own right, despite being a child of three purple powerhouses. Its enticing and energizing cerebral effects will engage your mind like never before!

If you’re looking for a deliciously dank strain that will make you a believer, Purple Voodoo is for you!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

With such an unusual background, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Purple Voodoo has some serious bag appeal! The generous flecks of purple and red make it clear which family this heavenly hybrid is a part of. The uber-dark buds flaunt neon-orange hairs that stick out like a sore thumb. You might find yourself staring at its shimmering buds for a little longer than usual!

The aesthetics of this strain aren’t the most impressive part, though!

In line with its Purple ancestry, Purple Voodoo carries a juicy grape scent. This tantalizing aroma doesn’t stop at the nose. It carries through to the smoke, making it a dream strain for a vaporizer or cone.

THC levels of this strain begin at 12% and can reach up to 16%, but don’t let those numbers fool you. Purple Voodoo is an energizing and fascinating strain. It might have you forming chants about your love for it after just a couple of puffs! Even at 12%, this strain can work wonders on your mind.

Onto what this strain is particularly famous for – it’s high! As Purple Voodoo is a near 50/50 split between sativa and indica, the benefits of both are present. The high begins almost immediately after hitting a PV joint.

You’ll feel the effects start with a cheeky cerebral tickle. Almost right away, your thoughts will become clearer. On top of that, your creative side will also take on a little extra juju. It is a fantastic strain for daytime use. It won’t take long to understand why artists rate Purple Voodoo so HIGH-ly!

Make no mistake about it. This strain supplies a powerful head high! In higher doses, Purple Voodoo can produce mild psychedelic effects. The clock won’t be dripping down the wall, and you won’t see any orange elephants in the fruit bowl. It’s not like that. Instead, Purple Voodoo will make your visuals adopt a shine. Time might also become slightly skewed. The gentle relaxation will become more sedative as the high wears on, resulting in a deep body high. Tokers will be feeling the need for horizontal positioning around this time!

Purple Voodoo’s high is mostly an energizing experience, adding pep to any smoker’s step. It’s an excellent strain for completing mundane tasks around the house. Purple Voodoo provides mental clarity that can help symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Its uplifting energy may also relieve feelings of fatigue.

As mentioned, Purple Voodoo is a balanced strain, and its body-buzz is top-notch. The high is far from a couch-lock, but the sedation eases pain in the muscles and joints. It’s also a prime candidate for relieving inflammatory symptoms and chronic pain.

Purple Voodoo is an opportunity to enjoy life at the flick of a Bic. Is it a real stash without it?

Purple Voodoo Medical Benefits

Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Fatigue, Inflammation

14 reviews for Purple Voodoo

  1. eastcoast12348

    Was awesome for the price

  2. lafete

    Was alright, nice flav,not much power,but nice smoke

  3. tctc181818


  4. davidelliot845

    Really solid, consistent nighttime smoke. It’s not super purple or the hardest hitting, but if you don’t mind that you’ll enjoy this weed

  5. moalisiddiqui2

    Dense buds and amazing flavour profile with sweet earthy fruity accents when I dry vaped this in my device. I smoked this before bed and wanting to stay up all night watching movies and I got a pleasant head high and body relaxation. I would buy this again.

  6. SNaz

    Really wonderful strain! I found it to be very calming without causing drowsiness or lethargy. Will definitely be purchasing again!

  7. pelehoscrystal

    Love this product. Very happy customer! My order was spot on amd delivered even earlier then expected! I have tried many products and I give all 5 star! Fresh and does the job! Im Canadian

  8. c1fneon

    Really good strain it got the job done I would recommend.

  9. Adrien

    Tight, sugary buds! Tastes woody, sweet and she’s potent, cough cough! 🙂 Highly recommend 🙂

  10. ryanfalardeau1

    Nice product. Typical purple flavor but enjoyable. Draws good, tastes good. Strong, relaxing high!

  11. michael.teacher7

    A very nice smoke anytime of day. I always find the purples make me sleepy 🙂

  12. ncsiding

    Exactly as described. Great over all. Only 4 stars b/c of the price

  13. harvkoreinc

    Not a bad strain at all!! This was my first time trying purple voodoo and I wasn’t disappointed!! I would recommend trying her out!! She’s very pretty!!

  14. librameehan82

    Very calm and relaxing high. Will definitely purchase again.

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