Purple White Lightning

THC 21-24%CBD 0-1%

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Experience pure and blissful relaxation with Purple White Lightning. A soothing indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is ideal for feeling your worries drift away. Feel your muscles loosen as your mind expands in a dazy haze in the best possible way!


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Purple White Lightning Strain Information

Purple White Lightning is an indica-dominant hybrid strain loved for its effects. Soothing both body and mind, it’s perfect for leaving only relaxation and calm vibes in its wake.

A combination of two west coast classics, Purple White Lightning, results from combining parent strains White Lightning and Purple Kush. This hybrid strain is bred by the British Columbia Seed Company. If it’s BC bud, it’s bound to be good!


Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Purple White Lightning inherited trains of staying short from its parent strains. The buds are light green with strands of purple and a heavy layer of resin-soaked trichomes.

The aroma of this hybrid strain is quite musky. It has notes of lemon, pine needles, and spices. Puffing on this strain will transport you to a fresh and crisp walk through a stunning BC forest! True to its scent, the flavours of this  are akin to its smell. The taste is fresh with notes of citrus, spice and earthy tones.

The sativa genetics of this strain delivers a powerful rush of euphoria and energy. At the same time, its indica side provides restful relaxation that eliminates tension and pain. It truly is the best of both worlds!

But, a word to the wise. Some users report feeling very dazed and disoriented when using this strain. Others even report experiencing visual hallucinations.

Still, the general consensus is that this dank strain likes to play tricks on the mind. This strain has THC levels reaching up to 24%. These characteristics mean that it’s best left to afternoon or evening use!

If you plan on indulging in this strain, be sure that you have some tasty treats on hand! This strain is also known to induce the munchies.

The uplifting and euphoric properties of Purple White Lightning make it excellent for treating depression, stress, anxiety and mood disorders. The sedating and relaxing physical traits make it ideal for conditions including physical fatigue, inflammation, pain and nerve pain. This strain is also great for appetite-stimulation, promoting feelings of hunger.

Common side effects of this strain are dry mouth and red eyes. Paranoia may also occur in some users.

Purple White Lightning Medical Benefits

Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Inflammation, Pain, Nerve Pain, Muscle Spasms

12 reviews for Purple White Lightning

  1. mikebikehd.md

    encore une nouvelle souche sur ma liste, excellent.

  2. dennisdesjardine1971

    Great strain…nice clear, clean buzz! Smoked nicely and would definitely recommend 👌👍!!

  3. thomas.f

    Very smooth and easy to smoke. Leaves you feeling Relaxed and clear minded

  4. Budtenderguy

    Good strain. Huge nugs, smokes good with a decent high

  5. Budtenderguy

    Very large nugs smoked very nice, pretty good high

  6. Charlie

    Really looking forward to trying this strain!!

  7. tercar1.6

    A very potent strain thumbs up.

  8. pelehoscrystal

    The effects are what does it for me. I am feeling really really good from this one. I love it!

  9. pelehoscrystal

    I have to say I do like the effects from purple lightning, this is in my top 10

  10. pelehoscrystal

    I really like this strain, smooth taste. I will for sure keep buying this strain

  11. pelehoscrystal

    High quality affordable price

  12. pelehoscrystal

    This strain has great flavor and very smooth burning, so itsnit harsh on the throat and does the trick

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