Pyro Extracts Rosin Mix and Match


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Each Mix and Match includes 3 grams of Pyro Extracts Rosin – Choose any 3 flavours for only $140



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Pyro Extracts Rosin Mix and Match

The rosin process by Pyro Extracts only uses the best quality of sifts during the extraction. Get 3 of your favourite strains for only $140!

Store your rosin in a cold dark place and keep away from light, air, moisture and heat. This will preserve the freshness of your concentrate.


10 reviews for Pyro Extracts Rosin Mix and Match

  1. seanohara1982

    When available they r great. Great flavors and smells. Sometimes a lil hard, but usually great consistency.

  2. alextok2013

    you get different consistency of textures for different strains. my favourite is super lemon haze, dabs perfectly, tastes great

  3. jeyro917

    Got the Girl Scout Cookies, Super Lemon Haze and Grand Daddy Purple.
    Overall all came with great effects and flavor as per their expected strain and terpene profile but a special thumbs up on the GSC which was even more killer and with a stronger and more distinct flavor than the other 2!

  4. jamescain

    I agree Rosin Rules!

  5. michelraymond529

    I think rosin is the best extraction of them all,taste great,smells good,no chemicals

  6. jmorrell77

    Taste great, packs a punch and always does the trick. New favourite concentrate, highly recommend

  7. Mannyfreshhh

    Reordered lol

  8. Mannyfreshhh

    Ordered Super lemon haze, wedding cake, and mk ultra.

    Super satisfied with all 3. Flavour is killer. Will reorder!

  9. Twonmon

    Strong stuff!!! Love the GSC and Jack Herer!

  10. shon.starr

    Good rosin, a few were really strong, will def reorder thx

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