Rainbow Kush Mints

THC 23-25%CBD 0-1%

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Sweet, fruity, and refreshing – what more can you expect from a strain? Rainbow Kush Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid that might as well be a cocktail in weed form. Its smooth, relaxing high coupled with its delicious flavours make it a perfect choice for anybody looking to sit back and relax!


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Rainbow Kush Mints Strain Information

Most strains today struggle to deliver a tasty, potent, and refreshing smoking experience. Fortunately, the Rainbow Kush Mints strain boasts an incredibly delicious flavour and amazing effects. With Rainbow Kush Mint’s indica-dominant genetics and 22-25% THC potency, this Craft Collection will delight and excite!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Rainbow Kush Mints isn’t a strain you’re likely to see often. An indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Platinum Kush Mints with Rainbow Zkittlez, this strain is rare and special. This special breed is only grown in small batches by experienced cultivators due to its rarity and the difficulty involved in cultivation.

What is this strain like? For starters, this strain has an incredible bag appeal. Crack open a bag and you’ll notice this right away. Thanks to its indica-dominant heritage, the nugs themselves are chunky and dense. Additionally, a thick layer of frosty trichomes covers the surface to give this strain an extra minty look. Bright green in colour with some thin, orange hairs, this strain is as refreshing on the eyes as it is on the palette! While it’s predominantly green, some rare phenotypes will have a few purple weed hues!

Secondly, we’ll move on to the aroma. As its name suggests, this strain has an incredibly colourful and refreshing aroma. To start, its Rainbow Zkittlez parent strain delivers a sweet and fruity flavour that’s impossible to resist. Meanwhile, this sweetness is undercut with some minty freshness from Platinum Kush Mints and you have an out-of-this-world terpene profile!

Moving on to the flavour, this strain tastes almost exactly like it smells. On the exhale, a super sweet and fruity flavour tickles and delights the tongue. Shortly after, a minty, menthol finish with hints of citrus kicks in to refresh the palate. Make no mistake about it – this strain works wonders as a post-meal refresher!

However, this strain doesn’t just have an amazing appearance and flavour – it has great effects, too! While the refreshing flavours are great, this strain truly shines when it comes to its high. Once you taste this strain’s smooth and refreshing smoke, a subtle cerebral high will creep into your head. You’ll feel slightly numb, euphoric, and totally relaxed. Shortly after, a sedative body high will kick in, further serving to relax you.

While its THC content isn’t as high as other strains, Rainbow Kush Mints more than compensates with its effects. The best thing about this strain is that it’s not too potent or sedative. Tokers can enjoy this strain without much difficulty, making it a great strain to enjoy both day and night! Additionally, this strain’s relaxing, euphoric effects are great at treating ADD, stress, and mood swings! Refresh your mind today with this colourful, minty strain!

Rainbow Kush Mints Medical Benefits

Cramps, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Depression, ADD/ADHD

29 reviews for Rainbow Kush Mints

  1. dlb

    So good. Some of the tastiest yet. Gets you nice and high.

  2. angie_bb

    Amazing looking buds. So sticky that it jammed up my grinder. White ash burn.

  3. dlb

    Tastes so good

  4. Sweet-n-Sour

    These buds are so potent it reminds me of dabbing with the flow of anxiety after a huge ripe. High 5 to this product

  5. seemebydawn

    A great late night strain, I feel way more relaxed and Calm. I can feel the Pain and hurt from my long day of work melt away.

  6. Pit007

    A great late night strain, I feel way more relaxed and Calm.

  7. lambert68

    Nightly strain, don’t miss it

  8. LongBiggies

    A great late night strain, I feel way more relaxed and Calm. I can feel the Pain and hurt from my long day of work melt away. good strain

  9. Ferasgo

    A great late night strain, I feel way more relaxed and Calm. I can feel the Pain and hurt from my long day of work melt away. good product

  10. FennieL291

    A great late night strain, I feel way more relaxed and Calm. good strain

  11. 1986Meyer

    Very good combination of head and body high. It’s a good all day smoke it will keep you happy and uplifted during the day.

  12. C3PO

    This still gets 5 stars because the bag appeal was good, the buds were dense and super fresh, trichomes were on point and HA never disappoints. The bag smell though was horrifying. Just awfully terrible to me. In a perfect world all bud would smell amazing, but that’s not the case and therefore does not affect this score. I enjoy trying different strains, so excellent job on this one.

  13. Kayla-La

    Lasts you longer than other strains, you won’t need to buy as much as you normally do. Great bud!

  14. rickydean

    It’s perfect. Smells super delicious and it was nice and sticky.

  15. j997

    Helps with anxiety and makes you talkative for great conversations. great strain, highly recommended.

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