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Tired of pungent, gassy strains? Looking for something a bit sweeter and candy-like? If so, look no further than the Runtz strain! A perfectly balanced hybrid strain packing 24-29% THC on average, Runtz’ powerful effects and delicious flavour will make you a fan for life!


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Runtz Strain Information

Tired of skunk weed strains? Not a strong fan of gassy, diesel strains? If so, Runtz is the strain for you. A strain that drew inspiration from the candy by the same name, the Runtz strain is a premium, perfectly balanced hybrid that delivers a delicious and fruity candy-like flavour. Level up your candy game, delight your taste buds, and experience one of the greatest highs available with this premium Craft Cannabis strain today!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

A combination between the two famous strains of Zkittlez and Gelato, this strain’s genetics speaks for itself. While its name is innocent and child-like, the high it delivers is anything but. With an average THC content of 24-29%, this strain delivers a rich, euphoric head high and a clam, soothing body high that’s perfect for everyone.

To truly appreciate what Runtz brings to the table, we first have to start with its appearance. As its name suggests, this strain drew its inspiration from the candy by the same name. Its appearance is strikingly similar to that of the candy. While the buds themselves are dense and sticky, they’re mostly small and popcorn weed-like in appearance. However, depending on the phenotype, some varieties of this strain can actually get quite large. Visually, this strain has some incredible hues.

On the surface, tokers will notice various shades of green and brown. However, look a little deeper and you’ll be able to see shades of purple weed as well!

Secondly, we’ll move on to this strain’s flavour and aroma. As you might have guessed, this strain smells almost exactly like candy. If you want to get into the specifics, the Runtz strain will smell sharply of pineapple, tropical fruit, and candy. On the tongue, the flavour shifts slightly to include hints of spice and sour berries. All in all, this strain’s terpene profile is sure to please.

Finally, we move on to the effects. While it’s hard to believe that such an innocent-sounding strain can deliver such a strong cannabis experience, Runtz is no ordinary strain. A few minutes after the first toke, this strain works its magic. Its cerebral effects kick in almost instantly, delivering a tingly, cerebral head high that simultaneously calms and uplifts. Once your mind is happy and content, the high spreads downwards throughout the rest of the body.

You’ll feel each limb release tension as you slowly slip into a deep and relaxing couch lock. Tokers can expect these effects to last for at least a few hours, thanks in part to this strain’s high THC content.

With such strong and potent effects, Runtz is also an effective strain for medicinal patients. Its effects can be used to treat insomnia, pain, appetite loss, and even anxiety!

Enjoy this premium, candy-like strain before it’s gone. Shop for Craft Cannabis today!

Runtz Medical Benefits

Pain, Appetite Loss, Anxiety

24 reviews for Runtz

  1. miccheck1-2

    Strong but just not cool with the flavour profile

  2. rampcontroller

    Very Nice Strain highly recommended

  3. eastcoast12348

    Very tasty and smooth

  4. CowboyJ

    I didn’t get much of a flavour like I had hoped from this strain. Smooth smoke and nice cerebral high

  5. cyaw

    Holy smokes I’m in dreamland

  6. Bren

    Love the craft collection! Very tasty in a dry vape . Long lasting.

  7. jeyro917

    Nice fruity taste and a good indica punch!

  8. morenopokrajac

    Jus tried this stuff and it’s real nice. Recommended

  9. StanValk

    This had more of a sour tangie taste to it rather than the sweet taste the description say. No complaints about that though as this strain still had a very pleasant touch to the tongue and smoke was very smooth with no nasty burns.

  10. Bren

    Really enjoyed this strain. Can really taste the flavour in my dry herb vape. Didn’t take much to get a great high. Would recommend

  11. ashleymedicraft7

    Made me feel good and less depressed

  12. aP

    Amazing looking weed. The smell, that sweet candy like aroma is just so good. Like the description says, a good change up from those diesel/pungent strains for sure.

  13. Kayla-La

    It makes you so uplifted and euphoric.

  14. rickydean

    I’m sensitive to most strain but this is different. The depression is gone and I can still function very well. I think I found my new favorite strain.

  15. j997

    This strain, when properly cultured and have a delicious flavour will make you a fan for life!

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