Skywalker OG

THC 24-26%CBD 0-1%

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Skywalker OG – a legend amongst strains – boasts an intense THC level which reaches up to 22% on average. This dank Mazar-Blueberry cross will give you that gentle-out-of-body float and general feeling of light euphoria which will slowly lull you into a deep and peaceful slumber.


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Skywalker OG Strain Information

Skywalker OG – a legend amongst strains – boasts an intense THC level which can reach highs of up to 22%. This dank Skywalker – OG Kush lovechild will give you that gentle-out-of-body float and general feeling of light euphoria which will slowly lull you into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Secondly, thanks to its indica parentage Skywalker OG has a strong physical high. This potent hybrid’s effects should definitely be kept in mind by novice users! Like most Kush strains, Skywalker OG has pain-relieving and sedative effects. It’s not surprising to hear reports that users glued to the couch for a couple of hours after smoking!

Get ready to put your feet up with a good movie and grab a bag of your favourite snacks! Trust us, you won’t want to be making a fridge trip halfway through!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

With Skywalker OG, you can expect dense, round, olive green nugs flickering with burnt orange hairs and rich earthy undertones. Met throughout with a fine layer of milky trichomes. The terpene profile of this legend strain is incredibly inviting. Its smell and taste profile is something many Kush-lovers will be smitten with!

Skywalker OG carries a noticeable piney aroma – a little sweet and a little spicy – the smell of this strain will fill your nose the second it’s out of the bag. From the first hit, Skywalker OG will coat your mouth with a smooth smoke that’s bursting with flavour – think pine and pepper with a dash of citrus. Delicious!

Keep in mind that subtlety is NOT in this strain’s DNA and the smell, as incredible as it may be, will linger long after it’s been smoked!

However, if you’re looking to check out from reality and fuse with the couch for the evening, Skywalker OG should be your ultimate go-to. Also, it brings strong kush attributes to the table and will leave you feeling like you’re in space for hours. Skywalker OG wouldn’t be your first choice for ploughing through long to-do lists or tackling physics equations!

You’ll instantly feel the force of Skywalker OG after a couple of hits. The effects are very body heavy and sedative. Shortly after, your mind will take a back seat, which makes this a dream strain for anyone experiencing any stress or anxiety. Those running into problems with insomnia will benefit from this strain’s tranquiliser-like properties. In other words… Puff, puff, PASS OUT.

Conclusively, this OG strain is primarily a night-time strain. But then again, who wouldn’t want to start off the day as Luke Skywalker?

Wanting to switch off & let go of your worries for a while? The search ends here.

Skywalker OG Medical Benefits:

Chronic Stress, Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Muscle Spasms, PMS, Migraines, Joint Pains and Cramps, Insomnia

24 reviews for Skywalker OG

  1. ragwon88

    used this strain to cook up some thc maple syrup

  2. zopep

    My first order with HA , instead of Skywalker OG I was sent Strawberry Shortcake which was awesome ! Cool mistake ! I let HA know about this and they were great about it , they let me keep the Shortcake and put points on my account ! Excellent customer service , will definitely order again . Thanks HA (Victoria and Vivian)

  3. keep1rolled

    10/10 smoke this after a long work day, good to kick back n relax with!

  4. KingFisher

    Very nice buzz, Definitely something to take at the end of the day when chillin at home

  5. ryanbartlette

    A fine balance for an evening at home. Not a knockout, but a good relaxer.

  6. jwall12399

    Truly a new favorite for me. Well balanced strain keeping you clear headed yet a nice melow stone. Great aroma, nice nugs. Great flavor.

  7. emelierainville13

    This stuff is da bomb! Awesome smell and a fine blend of sativa/indica. Just the right balance. Have and will order more!

  8. nosoup4u

    The go to strain after a long day of fighting the dark side. When you receive it fresh, the buds are dense and smell very sweet and pungent. Very happy with this purchase and would consider buying it when it gets discounted.

  9. mitchels

    Bought it for the name, but it is very nice! Wasn’t disappointed in the least!

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