Sour Apple

THC 18-21%CBD 0-1%


Sour Apple is a sweet and tart treat that delivers just the right amount of dank. An indica dominant hybrid, this energizing and relaxing strain is perfect anytime! Enjoy its uplifting, motivating effects during the day and its relaxing, tension-relieving effects in the evening.


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Sour Apple Strain Information

Sour Apple wears its flavours on its sleeve. Tart and sweet with just the right amount of pungency, this indica dominant hybrid is bound to be the next apple of your eye! Bred by combining legendary Sour Diesel with Cindarella 99, Sour Apple has a classic sativa high and an incredible indica finish that satisfies lovers of both. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so if you enjoy either of Sour Apple’s parent strains, you’re going to love this one! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

As the lovechild of Sour Diesel and Cindarella 99, Sour Apple was born to be a legend. With an average THC content of 14% to 17%, hardcore tokers might not think it worthwhile to try this strain out. However, don’t be deceived! There’s more than meets the eye with this strain! 

No matter how you look at it, Sour Apple is a treat for all occasions. Right out of the bag, you’ll notice intense, green coloured buds with deep shades of purple. The buds are pearly and large, similar in shape to a crab apple but way tastier. Rust-coloured pistils spread out around the surface to provide a nice contrast against Sour Apple’s vivid colours. A thick coating of milky kief also covers the surface to complete this strain’s amazing look. 

Sour Apple has an insane bag appeal but it doesn’t stop at its appearance! Break open one of its chunky nugs and the scent will amaze you. Sharp, sour and pungent, Sour Apple’s aroma and flavour truly live up to its name. On the nose, the aroma of just ripened Granny Smith apples will tickle your senses while the sharp pungency invites you in for a toke. 

Moving on to the flavour, Sour Apple’s exhale will taste just like its aroma. On the exhale, you’ll taste sour apple with a gassy and pungent finish. If you’re a discerning smoker, you might even taste some citrus!  

While the flavour and aromas of Sour Apple are amazing, what’s even better is its high. 

As an indica dominant hybrid, the high is indica focused. Effects start in the head with an intense, cerebral uplift. You’ll feel happier, more focused, and energized to take on the day. As the high creeps, the effects transition into a gentle body high. Your body will gradually lose more and more tension until you’ll want to do nothing more than sit back and relax on your couch.

Additionally, any pain, tight muscles, or discomfort present in your body will also melt away. Because of these effects, medical users love using Sour Apple to treat a variety of ailments. On top of being delicious, Sour Apple can also treat insomnia, cramps, and headaches! 

Sour Apple Medical Benefits 

Stress, Insomnia, Cramps, Headaches, Focus, Creativity

2 reviews for Sour Apple

  1. petethepimp_11 (verified owner)

    Wow this really brings me back to my teen years. Taste amazing the Cinderella 99 is so flavourful and the sour diesel just adds to the flavour. Definitely buying again.

  2. brettpelletier (verified owner)

    In the late 90s, C99 was one of the strains we had a lot of here in White Rock. The C99 comes out a lot in its look taste and smell with the sour D adding some sour to that insane grapefruit taste.
    The high is just like her parents, both strains have that head in the clouds tapping your foot kind of high but combined it’s one of those head-numbing Sativa highs that conquer even the highest tolerance.

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