Sour Tangie

THC 28-30%CBD 0-1%

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The golden child of two iconic strains: Sour Diesel and Tangie, Sour Tangie dominates the taste buds with notes of bold citrus and delivers a happy and euphoric high that can leave a permanent smile on your face.


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Sour Tangie Strain Information

Sour Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid famous for its mentally focusing effects and bold citrus flavours. The golden child of the iconic Sour Diesel and cult classic Tangie. This strain quickly became a favourite among many for its tuned-in energy-enhancing high. 

It is a winner in both flavour and aroma as well. Its bold citrus flavours appetize the tastebuds for a glorious case of the munchies. Besides, it gives users a soothing mental buzz that may aid in thoughtfulness and focus

What’s more, Sour Tangie is a great wake and bake option and all-purpose sativa. It is a high potency THC strain with breeds producing anywhere between 15 and 30 percent THC. 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Sour Tangie instantly catches the eye with its above-average-sized buds that are both loose and fluffy. Each bud is gilded in a fine dust of trichomes wrapped in neon orange pistils, making it sticky to the touch. 

Setting looks aside, one of the most iconic traits about this strain is its unique citrusy diesel aroma. At first glance, users will meet with familiar citrus that is both sharp and smooth at the same time. A few moments later, the diesel undertones will kick in. This strain gives cannabis enthusiasts a unique and funky blend of fruit and gasoline, which is also quite addictive in its own right.

As far as flavour goes, the citrus in Sour Tangie establishes itself quite firmly and leaves only a smidge of room for that diesel funk. On the exhale, a tangerine-fueled fruit punch leaves the mouth watering for more.

Those who have had the chance to try Sour Tangie describe the strain to be energetic and happy. After taking the first puff, watch as the lights begin to go off. 

A sense of level-headed clarity is met with enthusiasm and motivation. Sour Tangie is more of a cerebral high than anything. A few minutes after enjoying a few puffs of this strain, you’ll quickly notice how productive you’ve become. Tedious, monotonous tasks now seem like they’re adrenaline-fueled cakewalks, and that house you have to clean? No sweat, this is the kind of strain that can turn the mundane into the exciting. 

That said, you don’t need only to use it for tedious tasks. Sour Tangie is also an excellent option for those who need to let loose or let their thoughts flow without the couchlock. Users can enjoy this strain alone to enhance the flow of creativity as well as with a group of friends to have a silly goose time. 

Finally, this strain is an excellent option for those who require something to quell their anxiety, stress or even improve focus.

Sour Tangie Medical Benefits

Mood Elevation, Anxiety, Focus

42 reviews for Sour Tangie

  1. Joe Hopper

    Pretty good stuff, but I’m not sure the 28-30% THC is accurate, but not complaining.

  2. davidelliot845

    Great taste, better high, wish I could get more

  3. salesse-2915

    Citrus smell, good high, I liked this strain

  4. Pete lafeet

    Good sativa,nice tasting

  5. vincent.tanguay19

    one of my favorite !

  6. vincent.tanguay19

    Nice weed! i recommend it

  7. Rebel

    When you open the bag, you get hit with this awesome crisp tangie smell. Wicked! Works quite well with nice potency and little to no fatigue. Great strain for early in the day. Taste is a bit flat but its a nice sativa all the same.

  8. nihcole_

    Wow, you know those strains that make you feel so in the moment, euphoric and clear, and how rare those are to come by? Sour tangie is def that, imo. Incredible energy on this without racing thoughts or loops. Just pure blissful connection with whatever ur doing. Creativity enhanced, heightened senses. It smells so amazing, sour oranges and gas, covered in long dark orange pistils which are gorgeous. I looove this strain. The high lasts a long time too, 3 hours or so depending on dose. No munchies, no burnout, just awesome. Thanks HA

  9. craigslist63

    this keeps me up the whole day….

  10. declan.c.2012

    Will wake you up and keep your mood uplifted!

  11. Justin

    I was buzzing all night with this,did a bunch of housework while grooving to music
    Great sativa

  12. Blflannery

    Has a nice smell and look

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