Special K

THC 18-21%CBD 0-1%

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Special K is one for the record books! This heavy-hitting hybrid will encapsulate your body in a delightfully tingly buzz while taking your mind on the trip of a lifetime. Pair that with a delicious citrus flavour and potent THC concentration? It’s a recipe for an unforgettable experience!


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Special K Strain Information

‘Special’ doesn’t even begin to cover Special K! This powerful bud is a once-in-a-lifetime toke. You’ll have to smoke it to believe it! This hybrid comes to us from Sagarmatha Seeds, and its origins are the topic of passionate debate. The more popular consensus is that it is the lovechild of sativa Western Winds and indica Slyder. That said, others argue that Special K is a mix of Aghani and Northern Lights.  

Whatever its true lineage is, Special K produces one hell of a high! That much we know for sure. 

Special K supplies a profound body buzz. It will have your whole body tingling with pleasure! Combined with its euphoric, borderline psychedelic effects? This strain is sure to send you on a trip for the ages! 

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

It won’t take long for you to see just how special Special K is! Despite having a heavy indica influence, the plants display a more sativa-like structure. Special K is tall and proud with substantial girth. Who doesn’t love some girthy ganja! The nugs of this hybrid are medium-sized with a show-stopping lime green colour. Pretty orange pistils playfully poke out between the buds. Special K dazzles with a coating of crystal trichomes that supply an almost yellow tint to the nugs. 

While the Special K smell isn’t particularly all that, well, special, it’s still charming in its own way! It will draw you in with its modest yet appealing citrusy and spicy aromas. That said, the Special K flavour will be more than enough to keep you interested! When sparked and smoked, Special K has a citrusy taste blended with sweetness and earth. Some users may also detect a hint of sandalwood that lingers in the aftertaste. It will give your tastebuds engaged and guessing in the best possible way! 

By far, though, the crowning glory of Special K is its mind-altering effects. With THC ranging from 18-24%, there’s no denying that this strain is potent. It may not be the strongest strain around. Still, you may find yourself caught off-guard with how intense its high truly is! After a couple of tokes, it won’t take long for Special K to show you what she’s got. The high begins with a slight pressure that builds around the temples. Then, without warning, you’ll experience a groundbreaking euphoria. Good luck keeping a straight face! As the high intensifies, a bolt of creativity will hit that will inspire your mind. Many users describe Special K‘s effects as entering an almost dreamlike state. This strain will have you thinking outside the box with its trippy, borderline psychedelic properties. Your mind and body will feel out of this world! 

Eventually, the effects will spread to the rest of the body, supplying a tingly body buzz. You’ll notice all of the tension and stress in your muscles relax. Special K promotes a state of relaxation you’ve likely never experienced before. Used in moderation, Special K is a fantastic wake and bake option to be productive. That said, in higher doses, it will cause some chronic couch-lock. The more Special K you consume, the less motivated you will be to do much else other than letting your mind wander. So, if you plan on indulging heavily, then it’s best reserved for nighttime use. 

With its euphoric properties, Special K is excellent for stress, depression and anxiety symptoms. Its numbing properties are also helpful for mild pain, headaches and muscle spasms. In limited doses, it is excellent for combatting fatigue. On the flip side, in higher quantities, it can help users suffering from insomnia fall asleep.

Special K is best saved for intermediate to advanced tokers. Its intense psychoactive effects may be too intense for those less experienced users. 

In other words, work your way up to this one! 

Special K Medical Benefits 

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Mild Pain, Headaches, Muscle Spasms, Fatigue, Insomnia

15 reviews for Special K

  1. address2me

    Like this strain for daytime. A bit dry but I don’t mind. Smooth.

  2. dconroy717

    The price is excellent and the quality is great! I love this one! Good for day or night.

  3. rampcontroller


  4. Liz

    After purchasing many different $99 ounces offered on the website, this is the only one that didn’t fully satisfy. I found the bud to be extremely dried out and crumbly and unfortunately had a lot of large stems throughout the bud. Still gives good affects though!

  5. complexguardian99

    My batch was not “sticky” or very decent at all. Hard to roll, very dry. Seems to have a nice smell and flavor but nothing to write home about. Had a good high though I’ll give it that. Maybe my batch just sat a while

  6. vecchio.t.2018

    really decent tasty bud for the price! I’m impressed!

  7. keep1rolled

    Not bad! Good bag appeal and taste overall

  8. Stoner

    4 stars for what it is . Old school mellow type of smoke.
    Grandpa’s love this stuff !

  9. address2me

    Exactly what I was looking for. Right smell, look, taste, high and price point. Super happy, came back for more! The texture kind of falls apart on its own when you handle it, so a bit messy but no grinder needed. My new favorite!

  10. Jmattie

    Great strain

  11. bchapple

    A OG bowl of cereal of your favourite choice!

  12. JimboSlice420

    Glad to finally find this strain, get some while you can

  13. Alexander

    Super sticky! I’m pretty sure that this was my first strain EVER and it’s been one of my favorites for a while. Great deal.

  14. EmEl

    Hits hard like the real special K. Did not k hole tho lol

  15. kevin

    Very sticky nugs. Made it easy to roll. One joint between my wife and I was suffice to get us through the whole night,.

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