Tangerine Dream

THC 23-25%CBD 0-1%

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A real-life dream come true, Tangerine Dream lives up to its name! Winner of the 2010 Cannabis Cup, this strain will have your pain feel as though it’s a distant memory. Paired with its uplifting and euphoric effects, this well-balanced hybrid will have you feeling excellent inside and out!


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Tangerine Dream Strain Information

Make your dreams a reality with Tangerine Dream! This strain is so fantastic that it took three parents to get it right! That’s right. Three. Created by Barney’s Farm, this strain is the hybrid daughter of G13, Afghani, and Neville’s A5 Haze.

These prize-winning genetics came together to knock out pain and increase energy. And we don’t use the term prize-winning lightly. Tangerine Dream took home the winning title of the 2010 Cannabis Cup. Uplifting and euphoric, Tangerine Dream offers mental clarify and relief for tired, sore muscles.  

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The flowers of Tangerine Dream grow big and chunky. The buds are densely packed together. The leaves are a stunning forest green with some phenotypes featuring traces of dark purple. Orange pistils thread their way throughout the colourful leaves. The flowers have shiny, sticky trichomes that cover the surface for a dewy look. These trichomes also account for this strain’s potency and high THC content, which reach as high as 25%!

The smell of Tangerine Dream will have you immediately realizing how it got its name. As you’d expect, this hybrid strain possesses stunning scents of citrus with hints of berry.

Cured flowers release aromas of orange with some sweet earthy notes. Broken up, the sticky buds of Tangerine Dream have a more herbal smell, likely from its Haze genetics.

These aromas combine to create a dank and pungent fragrance that sets this strain apart from the rest. It’s immediately recognizable once you’ve encountered it once or twice, and you’ll want to taste its sweet, citrus tang once again!

Like its unique combination of scents, the flavours of Tangerine Dream are entirely its own. The smell is an excellent preview of the delicious flavours you’re about to experience!

.Tangerine Dream’s smoke will fill your mouth with a fusion of delicious orange, berry and other tropical fruits. Tangerine Dream also has a delightful flavour of orange zest with a tanginess that lingers on the palate when exhaled

You’ll feel as though you’re in a tropical paradise on the first puff!

Tangerine Dream is a three-way hybrid that seems to have only inherited the best of its parent strains. The effects present as an immediate head rush that will energize the senses.

Prepare to feel the tingles of anticipation and excitement in the best possible way! This eagerness will make you feel happy and euphoric.

In other words, good luck fighting that goofy smile that will spread across your face! Tangerine Dream tells your body and brain that it has transformed into a good vibes-only zone. The high from this hybrid will make you feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy from the inside out.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or be active, Tangerine Dream can do both. This hybrid is the perfect balance between sativa and indica. This strain’s beauty lies in the fact that it can make you feel inspired and uplifted and will ultimately adjust itself to fit your mood and weed needs.

It truly is a dream come true!

Tangerine Dream is great for recreational use, but its medical benefits are where it shines the brightest. Medical patients use this strain for treating chronic pain, joint aches, back pain, muscle spasms, and tight muscles. It also serves as a relief for people suffering from anxiety or chronic stress. Tangerine Dream is also fantastic for inducing focus. It can help end restlessness by calming the mind and lulling the body into a state of relaxation.

When consumed in high quantities, Tangerine Dream can also help fight insomnia.

With such a high THC content, Tangerine Dream may evoke paranoid and anxious feelings in novice users or those sensitive to THC, especially if you are not familiar with this particular strain’s strength.   

Tangerine Dream Medical Benefits

Chronic Pain, Joint Aches, Back Pain, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia

23 reviews for Tangerine Dream

  1. Borznest

    I’m not an avid toker but this hybrid is absolutely fun, fun, fun! Smoked a joint with 6 other guys at a poker game once, many of the players were chronics. 15 minutes after the joint was gone..the room went silent…they all looked at each other and said…wow..that’s some good shit…everyone was laughing and laughing…then the Poker pots went from $50-$75 to $200-$500… say goodbye to inhibitions…lol long story short….. I made $1600 that night….lol

  2. candiceschick

    Good, would order again

  3. dawson_trotman-5201

    Loving this strain! Sweet citrusy smooth and a nice relaxing high! Hi his is now one of my new fav strains up there with Pineapple Express 🙂 definitely ordering again! Tnx again HA!

  4. cdath1987

    Nice fruity terps and a mellow high. The free Cotton Candy Kush youguys sent kicked my ass as well!

  5. jordandking1990

    Flavour was top notch. The buzz was just as good and this tangerine dream is a killer. Would recommend anytime

  6. shelter


  7. 4evrmoremamabear

    Def fruity nose. Crisp, clean taste and smoke.
    Wonderful relaxing high, not too overwhelming. Delicious flavour.
    Would recommend for people looking for a good buzz.
    Thank you HA.

  8. tercar1.6

    I love the smell and fruity taste, good with pain.

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