TKO Bar 525mg THC (Organa)

THC 525mg

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What does TKO stand for? It stands for Technical Knock Out, which is what you’ll get from Organa’s TKO Bar.

Total servings: 525mg THC per Bar
Serving size: 87.5mg / piece
Quantity: 6 pieces

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What does TKO stand for? It stands for Technical Knock Out, which is what you’ll get from Organa’s TKO Bar.

This Chocolate Bar is jam packed with THC 525mg for the bar OR 87.5 mg per a piece. Perfect for those who need a high dose edible and in a discreet form!
Hand made in Organas kitchen, made with only the highest quality ingredients; organic cacao butter, cannabutter, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa, cane sugar, milk powder, almond bark.
75 grams weight.
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25 reviews for TKO Bar 525mg THC (Organa)

  1. Air Canada (verified owner)

    Great tasting! Chocolate is flaky and delicious.

  2. jeyro917 (verified owner)

    Tasted real good, although the texture is a bit flaky, packs a strong punch and a safe bet for people with high tolerance.

  3. braydenlowe92 (verified owner)

    Good quality product. Attractive packaging too. Love the THC content per piece too for higher tolerance folk

  4. chan (verified owner)

    My favourite chocolate bar. More like a truffle than a hard bar. Stores really well in the fridge. Half a piece provides a good full body high for me. Great value for the price plus they use organic ingredients

  5. khan3155 (verified owner)

    nice and strong just how i like it

  6. nmorency83 (verified owner)

    Overall not bad for an edible, If you arent into flaky chocolate tho i’d stay away as it has a different texture than most chocolate.

  7. dconroy717 (verified owner)

    Mmm!!! So tasty and potent!!

  8. PainInTheNexus (verified owner)

    Has a really weedy taste that makes it difficult for me to stomach. The chocolate is very very soft; more like truffle. Melts nicely in the mouth and packs a good punch though! Might actually be nice to melt a square in some hot chocolate

  9. rachel.inrig (verified owner)

    It was alright, although mine got melted so I think that changed the quality for me lol

  10. bmedforsyth (verified owner)

    will buy as often as i can, one of the best thc-$ deals

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